The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4984

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4984-James, who had perfected his Dobro Eyes, managed to severely injure Mekaisto.

Mekaisto had an exceptional physical body, but the long sword still penetrated his flesh. The Dobro Inscriptions exploded within his body, inflicting severe injuries on him.

Apart from the injuries, Mekaisto was far from being killed. He was too powerful, and obliterating him would not be easy. Even Emperor Raiah could not eliminate him and had to seal him underneath the Chaos Tablet.

However, Emperor Raiah’s soul and powers had already been weakened back then. Otherwise, he would have been able to kill Mekaisto.

Mekaisto activated his power and the injuries he had sustained healed instantly. At that moment, his expression was grim. A black aura emerged in his body and flowed through his body. His body underwent a subtle change. His body bulked, and his robe tore apart, exposing his burly muscles. His physical body had grown even stronger than before.

James could sense Mekaisto’s physical strength had improved, and the power emitting from his body had also been enhanced. The Demonic Compass also transformed into a wheel. It rotated rapidly and approached James.

The Demonic Wheel tore through the void and closed in on James.


James cast the Blithe Omniscience to avoid the powerful blow.

The entire area where James previously stood was destroyed instantly.

After its destruction, the energy of those who died was swallowed by the Ten Thousand Demon Formation.

The Boundless Pagoda flew out and clashed with the Demonic Wheel.


Explosions happened throughout the Doom Universe, destroying many areas.

Their battle was intense.

After Mekaisto evolved, he was significantly stronger. Even though James was using the Boundless Pagoda, he was at a disadvantage and was constantly injured. He kept healing his wounds, which greatly exhausted his energy.

James’ Defying Heavens Art’s powers were almost completely depleted. He had to replenish his energy as soon as possible. Otherwise, his strength would drop drastically without the Defying Heavens Art.

He activated the Endlos Heart and absorbed the power of the District Heavenly Paths to restore his energy.

In a battle between powerhouses, being careless would be fatal. Even a moment of distraction would lead to defeat.

At that moment, James was slightly careless, and the Demonic Wheel struck him. His body was instantly sliced into half.

James quickly disappeared to a different area and quickly reformed his body.

As soon as he recovered, Mekaisto arrived with the Demonic Wheel.

James quickly used the Boundless Pagoda and trapped Mekaisto within it. The power of the Ten Path Techniques swept toward Mekaisto from all directions and inflicted severe injuries on him. In just a short moment, his body was covered with wounds.

Mekaisto roared furiously, “Break!”

The Demonic Wheel suddenly enlarged and released an inscription. A powerful force emerged from the inscription and disintegrated the Boundless Pagoda.

The shattered Boundless Pagoda flew to the distance and reconstructed itself.

“He’s so strong.” James was impressed by Mekaisto’s strength.

Mekaisto even managed to break the Boundless Pagoda.

After breaking free, Mekaisto hovered in the void. He panted and healed his injuries.

Suddenly, James felt danger approaching him. By the time

he reacted, it was already too late. A clone of Mekaisto had already appeared behind him and struck him with the Demonic Wheel.

James’ back was sliced open, and a large area of his flesh was destroyed. His broken bones were also exposed.

‘This?” James was horrified.

Mekaisto was hovering in the void ahead of him, but another Mekaisto suddenly appeared behind him.

While James was still confused, several clones of Mekaisto surrounded him. In total, there were eight Mekaistos.


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