The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4985

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4985-The clones had the same aura and strength.

James immediately felt pressured by the situation. He was already struggling against Mekaisto, but now he had to face eight of him.

“You’re impressive, James. You’ve left me no choice but to use a secret art.”

The eight figures spoke simultaneously.


After speaking, the eight of them sprung into action. They surrounded James and launched consecutive attacks.

James was outnumbered and fell to a disadvantage. His whole body was riddled with injuries, and his bones were broken. He relied on his potent strength to forcibly stabilize his condition and hold his body together.

He summoned the Tribulation Liquid and consumed it to heal his injured body.

Suddenly, a lightning bolt appeared out of thin air and struck Mekaisto.

Mekaisto’s body trembled after being struck.

Immediately afterward, countless lightning began to fill the area.

These were lightning tribulations that contained unrivaled power.

‘Thunderous Tribulations!!!”

James had a calm expression as the tribulation clouds surrounded his body.

He stood in the center of the tribulation clouds. Countless lightning tribulations emerged from the tribulation clouds.

Tribulation clouds were composed of mysterious inscriptions.

Thunderous Tribulations was the Emperor of Tribulation’s Supernatural Power.

In the deepest part of the Tribulation City, the Emperor of Tribulation was defending the city. However, he had been paying attention to the Tribulation World and used the Tribulation Path to create the Thunderous Tribulations.

The Thunderous Tribulations was incredibly power. It was not just able to summon a few tribulation lightnings. After James cast the Thunderous Tribulation, Mekaisto had to endure ten thousand tribulations. Only after surviving the ten thousand tribulations would he be able to live. Otherwise, he would die.

The tribulation clouds covered the area, and countless lightning tribulations fell from the sky.

Each lightning tribulation was a calamity that Mekaisto would have to overcome.

Mekaisto was trapped within James’ Tribulation World created by the Thunderous Tribulation. He was bombarded

by terrifying attacks in the Tribulation World, and his clones suffered severe damage.

“Argh!!!”The eight figures roared simultaneously.

Black auras emerged from the eight figures and soared to the sky like a giant dragon. Then, the aura gathered to form a huge black sword.

“Break!!!” A furious voice resounded.

The enormous black sword slashed at the Tribulation World’s border.

James stood in the tribulation clouds.

The clouds dispersed under Mekaisto’s potent attack. James also suffered a backlash.


The tribulation world fell apart, and Mekaisto escaped.

As soon as he was freed, the ten thousand tribulations’ power merged into one lightning and struck one of the clones.

Mekaisto’s clones were instantly obliterated.


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