The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4986

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4986-The Thunderous Tribulations created by the Emperor of Tribulation was a marvelous Supernatural Power. It managed to obliterate one of Mekaisto’s clones.

Now, James was left with seven opponents.

A hint of fear had risen in Mekaisto’s heart. He had cast a secret art of the Extraterrestrial Demons and summoned eight clones to fight. Each clone had the strength of his main body. However, there was a downside to the skill. With every clone destroyed, his strength would also suffer.

In a short period, it would not significantly impact his combat effectiveness. However, it would dramatically affect his overall strength as time passed.

Against a powerhouse like James, a decrease in his strength would definitely lead to his defeat.

“He’s terrifyingly strong.”

Mekaisto was slightly wary. He never expected James, who was only at the Chaos Illimita Rank, to be so powerful.

James’ strength would be unfathomable if he reached the Chaos Completare Rank.

“Are you not going to leave seclusion yet, Zaden? I’ll die if you don’t show up soon,” Mekaisto shouted into the void.

Xezal, who was in hiding, asked, “What should we do, Father?”

Zaden remained hiding within the shattered Elysian Inscriptions and replied, “Ignore him. After James kills Mekaisto, I can absorb his energy. His energy would be even more powerful than the entire Chaos District.”

Zaden was currently at a critical moment in his cultivation and did not want to leave seclusion. Even if he were to leave, he wanted to have absolute confidence in killing James and Mekaisto. If he were to appear now, his countless eons of planning would be in vain.

On the battlefield, James looked at Mekaisto and said calmly, “Do you think Zaden will show up to help you? To him, you’re just a pawn.”

“Haha.” Mekaisto laughed coldly.

“A pawn? Who’s the real pawn? Do you really think you can kill me, James?”

“I won’t know if I don’t try.” James looked very calm. Even though he was injured, his morale was high.

The living beings outside of the Chaos District watched the battle unfold.

After seeing James cast the Thunderous Tribulations, they were shocked.

“James is going to win this battle.”

“He’s so powerful. He possesses such potent strength despite only being at the Chaos lllimita Rank. How strong would he be if he were to reach the Chaos Completare Rank by then?”

“It’s unimaginable.”

James remained composed on the battlefield.

Meanwhile, Mekaisto was also making plans. He was still confident about killing James. However, he would have to use some trump cards and pay a price. He had been keeping them to deal with Zaden.

Mekaisto was reluctant to use his trump cards since Zaden was still a potential threat. However, he would not be able to kill James without them. His plan would fail if James did not die.

After contemplating for a while, Mekaisto decided to use a few of his trump cards.

“You’re powerful, James. If you were to continue growing, I’d definitely not be a match against you in the future. It’s a pity you won’t live to see that day.”

Mekaisto’s voice resounded.

James replied calmly, “Is that so? What else do you have up your sleeves?”

Mekaisto did not reply but summoned a black crystal.

“This?” James was stunned after seeing the black crystal.

The black crystal was the same as the ones he had obtained after killing the Mothers. However, the black crystal’s power was much more majestic than the ones he had acquired.


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