The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4987

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4987-The disparity between the black crystals found inside the Mothers and the one that Mekaisto had was wide.

The two had a similar aura, but their powers were vastly different.

James asked calmly, “What kind of crystal is that?”

“You won’t be able to find out,” Mekaisto replied coldly.

Mekaisto consumed the black crystal. His aura and strength immediately improved by leaps and bounds. At the same time, the other six clones also grew stronger.

“After consuming the crystal and absorbing its powers, my strength will be restored to half of what it was at my peak. How will you stand a chance against me?” Mekaisto’s voice resounded.

James sensed Mekaisto’s terrifying aura. Under the crushing aura, James found it hard to breathe. His body’s strength seemed to have been sealed away, and his blood flow slowed.

Mekaisto stepped forward and appeared in front of James with a flash. Then, he swung his fist at James.

Mekaisto’s attack instantly injured James. His body began to fall apart, but he forcibly maintained it in one piece. Then, he cast the Blithe Omniscience to escape.

In just an instance, James had fled far away from the battlefield. However, Mekaisto chased after him and attacked relentlessly.

James urged the District Heavenly Paths’ powers to protect his body. However, they were ineffective against Mekaisto’s attacks. With just one hit, the protective barrier was shattered. Once again, James was injured.

The powerhouses watching from outside the Chaos District had solemn expressions, especially those from the Human Universe.

Tears welled up in Thea’s eyes and gradually rolled down her cheeks.

Mekaisto had recovered fifty percent of his strength.

James was no match against him and was constantly injured. At that moment, James was slightly losing consciousness.

However, the pain in his flesh and soul woke him up. Suddenly, a mysterious formation appeared, and a figure was sitting in a lotus position within it.

James was no longer able to sustain his physical body. His soul fled and submerged into the figure within the formation.

As James’ soul merged with the figure, his original body fell apart.

The figure within the formation opened its eyes and slowly became substantial. Then, he stepped forward and left the formation.

He appeared in front of Mekaisto and swung his fist. The two had a confrontation, and Mekaisto was knocked away.

Mekaisto was startled by the outcome. He had already regained fifty percent of his strength but was disadvantaged. He thought to himself, ‘This guy is so strange.’

James cast the Blithe Omniscience, flashed behind Mekaisto, and attacked.

In a short moment, the seven Mekaistos were forced to retreat with injuries.

James stood in the void and sensed the power flowing through his body. His face showed calmness and confidence once again.

His physical body had been destroyed, so his soul had merged with the formation’s figure. Now, his strength was overpowering.

At that moment, Mekaisto took action again. The seven Mekaistos surrounded James from all sides and attacked.

At that moment, the formation surrounded James and blocked their attacks. The seven Mekaistos were injured. They were knocked away and vomited blood.


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