The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4989

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4989-“For you to have pushed me to this point, you’re amazing, James. Even if you die, your name will be remembered.”

Mekaisto’s voice resounded. Shortly after, a strange power emerged from his body.

It seemed like he had sacrificed an important part of himself.

A potent power shrouded him, and his strength was immediately restored. His injured body also became more robust. At that moment, he had regained his peak strength.

During Emperor Raiah’s era, the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Second Commander, Mekaisto, was stronger than the Third Commander.

James had no idea how strong Mekaisto was at his peak. He only knew that Wynne sacrificed himself to injure the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Third Commander, Livie.

Zaden and Xezal continued to watch from the dark. At that moment, countless broken inscriptions gathered to form a translucent figure.

A smile formed on Zaden’s face. He said, “Mekaisto has finally used the Demonic Pill their Great Commander gave him.”

Curious, Xezal asked, ‘What’s this Demonic Pill?”

Zaden replied, “Mekaisto had told me their Great

Commander already knew their invasion would fail. It was an inevitable result. However, they had already made thorough preparations.

“They knew Emperor Raiah would chase after their Great Commander if he fled.

“Mekaisto was the most crucial piece in their plan. He had to stay and be sealed away in the Endlos.

“As for the Demonic Pill, I heard it was refined by the powerhouse behind the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Great Commander. One would have to sacrifice a portion of one’s soul. Regardless of the injury’s severity, the Demonic Pill can help restore one’s strength to one’s peak,” Zaden explained ecstaticly.

“James is really amazing. He forced Mekaisto to use the Demonic Pill and sacrifice a portion of his soul.

“However, there’s a con to using the Demonic Pill. After the battle, the user will enter a period of vulnerability and will need to be reincarnated. The user won’t be able to retain their cultivation power after reincarnation but will recover really fast. Eventually, the user will return to his peak state.

“Even after Mekaisto wins this battle, he won’t be a threat to me. If he wants to accomplish his task, he will have to survive. He’ll avoid fighting me and will quickly hide to be reincarnated. Then, he’ll wait for the perfect opportunity to reemerge.

“While he goes into hiding, I can take control over the Endlos. By the time he returns at his peak strength, I won’t have to fear him.”

After explaining, Zaden laughed.

“You’re wise as always, Father.” A smile formed on Xezal’s pretty face.

After Mekaisto sacrificed his soul and activated the Demonic Pill, he regained his peak strength.

His current strength would be ranked third in Emperor Raiah’s era. Back then, only Emperor Raiah and their Great Commander could suppress him.

Other than them, he was unrivaled.

He stretched his body and felt a familiar power flowing in him. Immediately, a smile formed on his face.

“I’m impressed, James. You’re only at the Chaos 11 limita Rank, but you pushed me to this point. I admit you’re very powerful. We might’ve become good friends if not because we’re on different sides.

“Now that I’ve regained my strength, you don’t stand a chance.”

In the distance, James frowned after sensing Mekaisto’s power. “Is this the strength of Mekaisto at his peak? So this is the strength that made the Endlos’ living beings tremble in fear?”


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