The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4990

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4990-Meanwhile, the Human Universe had already left the Chaos District.

Many powerhouses gathered in the Heavenly Court’s main hall and looked toward the Chaos District. Everyone was paying attention to the battle happening in the Chaos District.

A tall and beautiful woman stood in the front. After sensing Mekaisto’s transformation, a few soul sigils emerged from her bones.

The woman was none other than Livie.

After her skeleton was found, Zeno refined it and obliterated her soul sigil. However, a few soul sigils were buried inside her bones. At that moment, the soul sigils emerged, and a fragmented soul appeared to occupy the body. The fragmented soul was the original owner of the body. Thus, the body did not resist.

Livie’s body now had two souls. One was the complete soul given by James. The other was a fragmented soul of the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Third Commander. The two souls fit perfectly in the body.

Although the body had two souls, Livie’s soul was dominant, not the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Third Commander’s soul.

After the fragmented soul emerged, the incomplete memories in Livie’s mind suddenly connected. She also remembered there was a Demonic Pill deep within her fragmented soul. She could regain her peak strength if she sacrificed her soul.

“Have you thought this through?” A cold voice resounded in her mind.

“If you sacrifice the awakened soul in your body, you’ll never be able to return to who you were. You’ll no longer be Jaomi Lanivel and Grand Priestess Lanivel.”

“I don’t want to be Jaomi Lanivel, or the Grand Priestess Lanivel.”

At that moment, two souls looked at each other in Livie’s mind.

“Being Jaomi and the Grand Priestess is too tiring. It’s more comfortable living as Livie.”

“Don’t forget your mission. You survived because the Lord gave you the Demonic Pill. Otherwise, your bones would’ve rotted long ago.”

“If it weren’t for the Lord, I wouldn’t have ever entered the Endlos.”

On the battlefield, Mekaisto continued to emit a powerful aura. His demeanor also changed. He was much calmer and confident. At his peak, even Emperor Raiah would not necessarily be able to kill him.

James stood on the formation, which constantly rotated below him. Every time it spun, the formation would produce some mysterious and profound inscriptions.

The inscriptions released potent power and enhanced James’ strength. At that moment, James’ aura was not much different than Mekaisto’s aura.

“How about we stop here?” Mekaisto looked at James and suddenly suggested, “We don’t have to fight to our deaths. One of us is going to end up dead. Ultimately, we’re only going to let Zaden reap the benefits. How about we make a truce and destroy Zaden together? Then, you’ll become the new Endlos Lord. I promise to retreat to the Dark World and not come out to the Endlos within ten thousand epochs. How does that sound?”

Although Mekaisto regained his strength, he did not immediately attack. Instead, he tried negotiating with James.

James frowned. He was unsure how Mekaisto regained his strength, but from Mekaisto’s words, he could tell he could not maintain his current state for long. As long as he persisted, he would definitely defeat Mekaisto.

‘There’s no space for a truce between us,” James said coldly, “In the past, countless Extraterrestrial Demons invaded the Endlos. Many of our powerhouses fought back but sacrificed to protect our home. So how can I make a deal with you?”

“We can do this the easy way, James,” Mekaisto said coldly.

Mekaisto was unwilling to go to extremes and wanted to make a deal with James.


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