The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4991

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4991-Even if Mekaisto could kill James, his power would be exhausted. By then, he could not face Zaden and had to reincarnate and hide.

He did not want that to happen.

“Work with me. I can give you everything you need.”


“Alright, then. I have nothing else to say to you.”

Having failed to negotiate with James, Mekaisto wasted no time. Immediately, his body split into multiple clones.

Seven clones appeared. Including his main self, there were eight of him.

He demonstrated his unique secret art again.

All eight of Mekaisto’s bodies had equal strength.

This secret art required a large amount of energy. If one clone were killed, Mekaisto’s power would weaken.

Nonetheless, he activated the Demonic Pill contained in the deepest part of his soul. His ability was restored to its extreme. His power, which was exhausted during the battle, was completely restored.


Instantly, Mekaisto and his seven clones surrounded James.

The same treasure, the Demonic Compass, appeared in their hands.

Eight Demonic Compasses flew toward James viciously.

James held the Boundless Sword and waved it.

The moment he pulled out his sword, the Greater Paths became one with the sword and turned into Sword Energies.

In a flash, eight Sword Energies emerged.

The eight Sword Energies went against the eight Demonic Compasses.


The area immediately split open.

Even though Mekaisto’s ability was restored and he could utilize his incredibly powerful secret art, James relied solely on his strength and the Boundless Sword to perform the Universal Sword Art, which could block Mekaisto’s attack.

Although James managed to block Mekaisto’s attack, the space around him was destroyed.

Following the destruction, a terrifying power emerged from their surroundings. James’ physical body cracked along with the crack of the void.

At this critical moment, the formation beneath James rotated. Following the rotation of the formation, a formation appeared around James and blocked the power of the space’s destruction.

Mekaisto attacked again.

With a thought, James summoned the Boundless Pagoda. The Boundless Pagoda’s tenth form instantly engulfed one of Mekaisto’s clones, trapping the clone within it.

The moment the clone was trapped, a pair of Dobro Eyes appeared. Countless inscriptions appeared in the deepest part of the eyes. They gathered and became Sword Energies. They appeared in the Boundless Pagoda in a flash and pierced through the clone’s body.

Although one of Mekaisto’s clones was destroyed, it did not cause him fatal injuries.

With the Demonic Compass in his hand, he aimed for the Boundless Pagoda.

The Boundless Pagoda shattered into pieces, but those pieces quickly regathered and formed the Boundless Pagoda again.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye.

James leaped, and the formation beneath him was unleashed.

The formation grew bigger in size and trapped three of Mekaisto’s clones in one go.

The three trapped clones attacked simultaneously, attempting to break the formation.

Three Demonic Compasses were attacking the formation together.

The attack was equivalent to three of Mekaisto’s main selves attacking at the same time. The power was frightening. Nevertheless, the three clones could not break the formation entirely. Their attacks only managed to make a crack in the formation.

In an instant, countless changes occurred in the formation.

Each change contained a different inscription.

Each of them was a terrifying Supernatural Signature Skill.

The Universal Sword Art, Blossoming, Thunderous Tribulations, Ten Path Techniques…

Countless signature skills appeared, fortifying the power of the formation.

Even though there were three of Mekaisto’s main selves in the formation, they were overpowered and kept taking hits.


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