The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4992

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4992-The formation was too strong.

Even though three of Mekaisto’s main selves were trapped in there, they were all instantly covered in wounds.

Apart from the three trapped clones, the rest of the clones surrounded James and attacked him.

All kinds of Supernatural Signature Skills were used.

James had never come across these Supernatural Signature Skills before.

For a moment, he could not handle them.

He summoned several kinds of Supernatural Signature Skills, but his counterattacks failed, and he kept suffering injuries.

Even with the protection of the Greater Paths and the Nine Districts Heavenly Path, he was still taking a lot of damage.

James and Mekaisto used all their strongest signature skills from the beginning of the battle.

They exhausted all their tactics just to get the first kill.

Just then, one of Mekaisto’s clones silently appeared behind James.

Its Demonic Compass rotated continuously and charged toward James.

With a thought, James appeared behind the Boundless Pagoda and blocked the Demonic Compass’ attack.

Then, one of Mekaisto’s clones appeared beside James.

James activated the Blithe Omniscience and left the area just in time.

The moment James reappeared somewhere else, one of Mekaisto’s clones materialized and attacked James.

Before James could react, his arm took a hit from the Demonic Compass.

Blood splattered, and his arm was gone.

James used his power to heal his injuries.

His amputated arm was immediately restored.

In the formation, three of Mekaisto’s clones were being attacked endlessly.

By now, they were riddled with wounds.

Then, they attacked the formation again.

At once, the formation cracked.

Immediately, the three of them escaped the formation.

On the other hand, James had created a Sword World.

The Sword World engulfed one of Mekaisto’s clones.

Once the clone was engulfed, a formation appeared in the sky above the Sword World.

In the formation, countless inscriptions emerged.

The inscriptions kept creating dazzling Sword Energies.

One by one, the Sword Energies attacked the clone in the Sword World.

The clone was pierced countless times.

Its body was filled with holes.

Right then, James suffered another hit.

His back was covered in blood.

In the Chaos District, the aftermath of the battle was frightening.

In addition to the Ten Thousand Demon Formation swallowing the Chaos District, the Chaos District was weakening.

It was turning into an empty Endlos Space.

Meanwhile, the living beings of the Chaos District could not handle the aftermath of the battle.

Living beings in any area that was affected by the battle immediately died.

Countless powerhouses were watching this battle in the outside world.

James and Mekaisto both showed extremely strong power.

Their power made the powerhouses of the hidden sects fearful.

They wanted James to kill Mekaisto.

If Mekaisto survived, it would be hard for the powerhouses to deal with him in the future.

They could not defeat Mekaisto.

On the battlefield, James kept taking hits.

He continuously catalyzed his power to treat his wounds.

Mekaisto was too powerful.

Although he had used One Shatter All, which weakened a part of his power, he was still unstoppable.

Even though James’ formation was strong and could hurt Mekaisto, Mekaisto’s secret art was too powerful.

Mekaisto’s clones all had the same ability as his true self.

Even with James’ enigmatic formation, he was still at a disadvantage in the battle.

From the start of the battle, James could only injure Mekaisto and his clones.

Even after exhausting all kinds of tactics, he failed to kill any of them.

James grew anxious.

If this continued, he would lose.

Besides, such battles exhausted too much power.

His current cultivation rank was not high.

He needed the support of tactics and signature skills to win.

While he was not paying attention, his body was crushed again.

The Demonic Compass continued to expand and headed toward James.

Its great pressure smashed James’ body.

The Demonic Compass destroyed all the universes in its way in an instant.


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