The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4998

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4998-Somewhere in the Dark World, after Henrik experienced an intense battle and wiped out the Extraterrestrial Demons guarding the area, he rescued Yardos, who was trapped.

Even though Henrik rushed to save Yardos, the fluctuations of the battle in the Chaos were terrifying.

He could feel the fluctuations of the battle from several districts away.

Besides, James left behind an inscription for him.

Not only could they communicate via the inscription, but Henrik could also sense James’ situation by using the inscription.

Sitting on a black rock, Henrik looked worried.

Yardos was severely injured.

He did not even have the energy to stand up.

He kept huffing.

With difficulty, he got up and leaned against Henrik’s back.

The two of them leaned against each other.

“James is really gone this time.” Henrik pulled out a cigarette and took a drag.

“What happened?” Yardos had been trapped in the Dark World for a long time, and Henrik just rescued him.

Thus, Yardos had no idea what was going on.

Henrik told Yardos what happened in detail.

After learning about the situation, Yardos clenched his fists.

“They won in the end.” Anger surged in Yardos’ heart.

He wanted to kill Zaden and Xezal but did not have the power to do anything.

Even if his injuries healed and his strength restored, he was not Zaden’s match.

James did not die in battle.

However, everyone thought James died in battle.

Since James died in battle, everyone in the Human Universe was mourning.

Then, Zaden appeared and controlled the Endlos Heart left behind by James.

He controlled the Ten Districts Heavenly Path and became the Endlos Lord.

Aside from that, he also made an announcement.

In thirty thousand years, he would ascend the throne in the Doom Race and become the Endlos Lord.

In the blink of an eye, thirty thousand years passed.

The Doom Race was bustling.

Many hidden sects showed up to congratulate Zaden on becoming the new Endlos Lord.

The Doom Race was lively, while the Human Race was quiet.

Many Human Race powerhouses appeared in the main hall of the Human Race’s Heavenly Court, but the group of Human Race powerhouses was silent.

Zaden became the new Endlos Lord and began a new epoch.

As for Xezal, she became the real Teresa.

She was above everyone.

Time passed.

Under the lead of Zaden, the Endlos’ Ten Districts became prosperous.

Zaden did not use his status to oppress the Human Race and other races.

On the contrary, he allowed the other races to develop peacefully.

Ina flash, one entrapoch passed.

Ever since James died in battle, Thea had been meditating in seclusion.

She was in seclusion for an entire entrapoch.

One entrapoch later, Thea opened her eyes.

“James isn’t dead.” A voice sounded from the Thirty-three Heavens of the Human Race’s Heavenly Court.

It sounded throughout the Human Race’s Heavenly Court.

At once, countless Human Race’s powerhouses appeared outside Thea’s seclusion sanctuary.

Thea walked out of the seclusion sanctuary.

“Mom, what’s going on? It has been so many years.

Why did you say Dad isn’t dead?” Thea glanced at Jacopo, who asked a question, and answered, “I can sense him.”


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