The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4999

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4999-Many Human Race powerhouses were looking at Thea.

Thea told everyone the story of her obtaining a fortune after James died in battle.

“At that time, in the ruin of the Heavenly Court, several mysterious inscriptions appeared in my mind.

After that, I meditated in seclusion.

Now that one entrapoch passed, I’ve become stronger.

Just now, I sensed a strange light beam in my bady.

I also sensed another light beam somewhere in Endlos.

James’ soul is hidden in that light beam.” Upon learning that, the Human Race’s powerhouses present were delighted.

Henrik calmed himself down and asked, “Where’s James?” “That’s right.

Thea, don’t leave us hanging.

Where’s James?” “Tell us.” When everyone found out James was still alive and his soul aura still existed, they became excited.

However, Thea shook her head and said, “I don’t know James’ exact location.

I can only sense that he’s alive and that his soul is hidden in a light beam.” Thea only knew that James was still alive but did not know where he was.

“Thea, your cultivation base…” The Ancestral Blood Master could not resist glancing at Thea.

Although Thea did not exude any aura, he felt that Thea had changed.

“ have entered the Chaos Completare Rank.” Calmly, Thea said, “During this entrapoch, I have been comprehending the mysterious inscriptions.

I comprehended a part of the Endlos’ secret.

My cultivation base improved, and I comprehended an excellent Supernatural Signature Skill.” “The Chaos Completare Rank?” The living beings in the area were stunned. Especially Henrik.

He obtained Zeno’s inheritance and had the Grand Purge Formation.

However, his cultivation rank only increased from the Chaos Illimita Rank to the peak of the Chaos Transcendere Rank during the entrapoch.

He did not even enter the Chaos Omnia Rank.

On the other hand, Thea entered the Chaos Completare Rank.

She was too terrifying.

The living beings present were taken aback.

“It’s time to go to the Doom Race of the Chaos District.” Thea turned to look in the direction of the Chaos District.

The Human Universe already left the Doom Universe.

Now, the Human Universe did not belong to any district and District Heavenly Path’s jurisdiction.

It was an independent universe in Endlos.

It could be considered an independent district, but the size of the district was a little small.

“Pm going with you.” At the mention of the Doom Race, Henrik gritted his teeth.

“T can’t miss out on this.” Yardos also stepped forward.

Yardos was the first human to enter the Chaos Rank in the Human Universe after Emperor Raiah’s era.

He cultivated the Omniscience Path to the extreme.

When he was on Mount Stoyan of the Chaos Arena, he touched the threshold of the Twelfth Rank of Omniscience Path.

During the entrapoch, he had been meditating in seclusion.

Now, his cultivation rank reached the peak of the Chaos Omnia Rank, and his Omniscience Path reached the Twelfth Rank.

James’ death motivated him to cultivate.

Thus, he cultivated while resisting his hatred during the entrapoch.

Now, it was time to avenge James.

Aside from Yardos, countless powerhouses in the Human Race were also holding back a sense of hatred.

They wanted to go to the Chaos District and the Doom Universe one day to avenge James.

Unfortunately, Zaden was too powerful.

When James left, he used his remaining power to activate the Endlos Heart to restore the Chaos District.

Thus, he did not bring the Endlos Heart with him.

In the end, Zaden obtained the Endlos Heart.

Zaden’s cultivation rank was high.

With the addition of the Endlos Heart, he was like a mountain suppressing the Human Race powerhouses.

Hence, the Human Race powerhouses could not avenge James.

Now that Thea entered the Chaos Completare Rank and reached the extreme of the Chaos Rank, it was time for the Human Race to take revenge and avenge James.

“I’m going alone.” Thea looked at the others and said, “Zaden is too strong.

Even though I have entered the Chaos Completare Rank, I don’t know if I can kill Zaden.

This is a life-or-death battle.

The rest of you are not Zaden’s match.


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