The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5000

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5000-One epoch was 4.9 billion years.

One entrapoch was 490 thousand epochs.

Thea only took 490 thousand epochs to enter the Chaos Completare Rank from the Caelum Boundless Rank.

This cultivation speed was terrifying.

Many entrapochs passed since Emperor Raiah’s era.

There were countless living beings in the ten districts, but only a few living beings could enter the Chaos Rank.

Aside from Zaden, who took a shortcut, almost none entered the Chaos Completare Rank.

Not only did one need to have the potential to enter the Chaos Completare Rank, but one also needed a huge providence.

Ever since Zaden became the Endlos Lord, the Doom Race welcomed its most dazzling era.

The Doom Race’s providence grew to a frightening level.

Due to that, Mount Chaos of the Doom Race became a cultivation sanctuary for the ten districts.

In the last entrapoch, countless living beings in the ten districts were attracted to join the Doom Race.

Even if the living beings were rejected by the Doom Race, they would cultivate somewhere near Mount Chaos.

It was as if they could obtain some of the Doom Race’s providence by being close to Mount Chaos.

The Doom Race did not stop them from doing so.

At the entrance of Mount Chaos, there were not many living beings other than the disciples of Mount Chaos.

Nevertheless, many living beings gathered in the far distance of Mount Chaos.

The living beings were all near Mount Chaos to cultivate, trying to obtain the Doom Race’s providence.

At the back of Mount Chaos was a manor.

It was where Zaden of the Doom Race lived.

In the entire Doom Race, only one living being, Xezal, could enter and leave the place freely.

In the distance, a tall, beautiful, and eye-catching lady in a white dress walked over.

She was humming a tune.

She seemed to be in a good mood.

She pushed open the gate and entered the manor.

At a scenic place in the manor, a middle-aged man was sitting with his legs crossed.

He was meditating.

As Xezal walked over to the middle-aged man, he disappeared.

The next moment, he appeared before Xezal.

“What happened? Why are you so happy?” With a smile, Zaden asked.

Xezal smiled and said, “Father, I have entered the Chaos Rank.

From now on, I’m a powerhouse.” “Haha.” Zaden laughed and said, “You still have a long way to go.

A living being in the Chaos Rank isn’t considered a powerhouse.” “What about you?” Xezal asked, “Have you learned the threshold of the Sovereign Rank?” Zaden shook his head and answered, “It isn’t easy.

After all, this cultivation rank is only a legend.

It may not exist.” “Compared to the past Emperor Raiah, who is stronger? You or him?” Xezal asked again.

Zaden shook his head and said, “It’s hard to tell.

I have never fought against Emperor Raiah, and I don’t have the chance to.” Emperor Raiah was a legend and a myth.

Although many years had passed, his deeds were still being spread.

Emperor Raiah was too powerful.

Even though Zaden had reached the Chaos Completare Rank, he did not know if he could defeat Emperor Raiah.

“By the way, have you located Taran?” Zaden questioned.

Ever since he became the Endlos Lord, he had been searching for Taran.

Taran was strong.

He was a serious problem for Zaden.

Nonetheless, one entrapoch passed, yet Zaden had not heard any news about Taran.

When Taran was in the Chaos Battlefield, he fought against many Grand Patriarchs of the hidden sects alone.

He killed dozens of them and injured several.

However, Taran also suffered from injuries.

Since one entrapoch had passed, Zaden was afraid that Taran’s injuries had recovered.

Taran was a powerhouse who fought against Emperor Raiah for supremacy.

Even though Zaden was at the Chaos Completare Rank, he feared Taran.


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