The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5001

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5001-“Not yet.” Teresa shook her head and said, “Our scouts have been searching throughout the Endlos’ Ten Districts, but there has been no sign of Taran.” Zaden sighed.

“I couldn’t trace him even with the Endlos Heart.

His cultivation rank makes it incredibly difficult for us to find him when he’s hiding.” Zaden could not rest easy as long as Taran remained alive.

However, it was exceptionally challenging to find Taran.

For now, all Zaden could do was continue to cultivate tirelessly, enhancing his own strength to maintain his position.

Whoosh! At this moment, outside the Dooms’ Mount Chaos, a beam of light descended from the sky, forming a woman dressed in a black gown.

She had long, jet-black hair and an exceptional aura with a hint of aloofness in her expression.

“Who is this? She dared to land directly outside the entrance of Mount Chaos.

Is she seeking death?” “This is Thea Callahan from the Human Universe, the Human Race’s matron, and also the wife of James Caden.” The sight of Thea outside the entrance drew the attention of many living beings in the vicinity.

Curious, some of the younger beings asked, “Who is James Caden?” James was not just a hero but also a legend.

His life was filled with epic stories.

However, these legends were only passed down among the Human Race and a few ancient sects.

The living beings born after James’ death hardly knew anything about him.

This was because Zaden intentionally suppressed this information using the Endlos Heart after becoming the Endlos Lord.

Even many living beings in the Chaos District were unaware that a great battle had once erupted there, ultimately leading to its destruction.

“James was an incredible powerhouse.

In the Chaos District, he engaged in a battle with Mekaisto Xelqart while he was at the Initial Stage of Chaos Illimita Rank.

In the end, he earned honor in defeat.” The older powerhouse shared stories about James.

As Thea arrived at the entrance of the Doom Race, she keenly sensed the overwhelming providence of the Dooms, enveloped within the Endlos Providence.

“Zaden Dalibor, come out and face your doom!” Thea shouted.

Her voice echoed through the entire Mount Chaos like a thunderous roar, instantly awakening some powerful Officials of the Doom Race.

The Officials had once been renowned powerhouses who joined the Dooms after Zaden became the Endlos Lord.

Initially, even though Zaden did not attack those hidden sects, the powerhouses chose to align themselves with the Doom Race to safeguard their own sects and races, eventually becoming the Officials of the Doom Race.

From the back of Mount Chaos’ main peak, Teresa calmly looked toward the entrance and remarked, “It’s Thea Callahan, James’ wife.” “Heh.” Zaden smiled faintly, saying, “James has been dead for so long, and only now does his wife come knocking on the door.

Such a minor character doesn’t warrant much attention.

Find a disciple to entertain her casually.

Remember, don’t harm her.” “Yes, Father.” Teresa left and vanished on the spot.

The next moment, she appeared outside the entrance.

She materialized in front of Thea, wearing a smile as she greeted, “Thea, it’s been along time.” Anger welled up in Thea as she saw Teresa.

It was Teresa’s covert actions that had led to the upheaval in the Chaos District, releasing Mekaisto Xelgart and ultimately causing James’ death.

Although she could sense that James was not dead, she had no idea where he was.

“Thea, you should go back.

The Doom Race isn’t where you belong.

The era of competition between the Human Race and the Doom Race is over.

Humans were never a match for us, especially not now.” In the face of Thea’s burning anger, Teresa remained composed.


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