The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5002

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5002-This is Mount Chaos, the territory of the Doom Race. Teresa knew that Thea was a cultivation genius who had made

significant contributions to the Human Race. She was unaware of the exact rank of Thea’s cultivation.

Nevertheless, she was not afraid, regardless of how high it might be.

‘Thea, go back. Even if you want to avenge James, your current strength is far from sufficient,” Teresa said.

“Annihilate.” Thea stood her ground, her throat barely moving as she gently spoke a word. Her words seemed to possess a magical power, and a powerful force came crashing down after her utterance of a single word.

Teresa, who had already entered the Chaos Rank, could not resist this force. Her body burst instantly, and her soul was annihilated. A Chaos Rank powerhouse had vanished from the world, and Thea had simply spoken a word without even laying a hand on her. This scene left countless living beings in shock.

At the rear peak of Mount Chaos, Zaden sensed this event and was astonished. He used his Path to revive Teresa instantly.

At that moment, dozens of powerful Doom Race Officials appeared outside the entrance, blocking Thea’s path.

‘This is the Doom Race, not a place for you to be audacious.”

“Seize her.”

Thea felt no goodwill when facing these opportunists and turncoats. Back in the Chaos District, these powerhouses did not dare to interfere when James fought Mekaisto.

Thea’s thoughts stirred, and a sword materialized in her hand. This sword was extraordinary. It was not a real weapon but a manifestation of a certain Zen.

“Go away.” Thea’s single sword strike proved devastating, effortlessly annihilating the dozens of powerhouses who had confronted her, including those at the Chaos Omnia Rank. Her Sword Energy was both intangible and tangible, capable of destroying both their physical bodies and souls in one fell swoop.

Thea’s arrival had initially led many onlookers to believe she was recklessly putting herself in danger by coming to the Doom Race. However, as the events unfolded, it became clear that the situation was quite the opposite.

‘Thea is incredibly strong.”

“These were powerhouses from hidden sects. There was even a Chaos Omnia Rank powerhouse among them. How did she eliminate them so easily?”

“How is Thea so powerful?”

All living beings were left dumbfounded.

‘Thea Callahan, you’ve gone too far,” a stern voice echoed from the peak of Mount Chaos. Immediately after, a middleaged man appeared in the sky. It was none other than Zaden Dalibor, who possessed an unparalleled presence with his hands behind his back.

Thea looked up at Zaden in the distance, her sword held horizontally in her hand as she spoke in a cold tone, ‘Today, I will avenge James by wielding the sword of the Human Race to annihilate you.”

Thea’s aura surged to its peak. The aura of the Chaos Completare Rank was fully unleashed at this moment. Her long,

black hair began to dance as she ascended into the sky, appearing at the same level as Zaden.

Upon sensing Thea’s aura, Zaden could not help but frown.

‘The Chaos Completare Rank? How is this possible?”

He could hardly believe it. Zaden had struggled immensely just to barely step into the Chaos Completare Rank, while Thea, a member of the Human Race, had seemingly achieved it effortlessly, without significant merit, opportunities, or boons.


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