The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5005

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5005-Wyot murmured softly, “Even though I’ve reached the pinnacle of cultivation, I’ve lost everything. If I could choose, I would rather not possess this supreme power and this unprecedented realm. My only wish is to live an ordinary life with the woman I love.”

He closed his eyes, and a few glistening teardrops rolled down his cheeks. In his mind, a figure appeared, a woman he could not forget even after an entrapoch had passed. However, he knew he could never turn back.

Stepping into the void, Wyot departed from the Dark World. Despite the vastness of Endlos, he could not find a place for himself. He had journeyed through the Endlos’ Ten Districts, but he remained uncertain about where to settle and find a place to call home. In the end, he chose to establish himself on the outskirts of the Dark World, near the Endlos’ First District.

With a thought, he manifested a spiritual mountain and land within the Dark World.

“This is Mount Hetsema,” Wyot whispered. As his words reverberated, a stone tablet materialized at the entrance, bearing two lifelike characters radiating a formidable power.

Wyot named this place Mount Hetsema and declared himself Emperor Hetsema.

“Hetsema” represented his deep remorse, a reflection of his regret for what should never have been in the beginning.

If he could make the choice anew, he would never have aspired to supremacy or chosen to become a prodigy of the Doom Race. Instead, he would opt for a simple, unassuming existence as a minor figure within the race.

Time flew by, and more than a single entrapoch later, Taran emerged. He quickly caught wind of the events that had transpired during that time.

A colossal “Die” character had materialized above Mount Chaos, instilling fear throughout the Doom Race.

“Zaden Dalibor, come out and confront your impending fate,” a voice laden with icy anger resounded.

Taran arrived, and yet another battle ignited in the Dark World. The battle was swift from start to finish. Taran emerged victorious, even against Zaden, who wielded the power of the Endlos Heart. However, he refrained from killing Zaden for several reasons. While Taran had not taken part in the battle against the Extraterrestrial Demon at that time, he was fully aware of its terrifying nature. He also understood that it would return with a vengeance one day.

“I won’t kill you, Zaden Dalibor,” he declared. “First, after becoming the Endlos Lord, you displayed concern for the lives of the Ten Districts and refrained from overly aggressive actions. Second, the Extraterrestrial Demon will inevitably return,

and I don’t wish for the Endlos to lose such a powerhouse. Third, I sense the lingering soul aura of James. He hasn’t died.

Otherwise, today would indeed have been your final day.”

Taran could sense James’ soul aura, but he could not pinpoint its exact location. Otherwise, Zaden would have met his end today.

Zaden slinked away and secluded himself in Mount Chaos, never to be seen within the Doom Race again As time passed, the Human Race flourished under Thea’s guidance. Taran reemerged in the Hazeaf District, where he founded a dojo on Mount Hazeaf and adopted the title of Emperor Casey.

On the outskirts of the Dark World, the name of Emperor Hetsema of Mount Hetsema spread far and wide, becoming as renowned as Zaden, Thea, and Taran.


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