The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5006

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5006-A new order had taken shape within the Endlos’ Ten Districts. The humans and the Dooms had ascended as the most influential races among the Ten Districts.

The Dooms were under Zaden’s leadership, while the humans were guided by Thea.

Furthermore, Taran’s presence was far from inconspicuous, as he ruled over the Hazeaf District with the self-proclaimed title of Emperor Casey.

Simultaneously, a new powerhouse had risen on the outskirts of the Dark World, known as Emperor Hetsema. His appearance and origin remained a mystery, as anyone who approached Mount Hetsema was unable to take a single step closer.

In the boundless void of the Endlos, a beam of light remained fixed in place. Within this beam of light resided a soul, it was the soul of James.

In the previous battle, James had suffered severe injuries, with his physical body obliterated and his soul on the brink of dispersal. If not for the inscriptions left behind by Zella, which revealed a way for him to survive, he would have perished in that battle.

After an entrapoch had passed, James’ soul finally began to recover and grow stronger under the nourishment of the Endlos Light. However, he had lost his physical body. Now, he needed a new body to resurrect himself. Although he possessed the ability to easily conjure a new one, that was not what he desired.

James had obtained a strand of the Endlos Light, which held the ultimate secret of the Endlos and had also revealed some past events.

A long time ago, during the inception of the Endlos, a rift had appeared. A legendary powerhouse used mysterious materials to seal it. After the sealing, a unique Koloretsua Stone was left behind, which now lay somewhere within the Endlos.

James yearned to find the Koloretsua Stone, the key to strengthening his resurrected body by merging his soul with it.

Despite searching for countless ages, the stone described in the Endlos Light records still eluded him.

The beam of light inched its way through the Endlos Void.

The Presta District was one of the Endlos’ Ten Districts. It was a truly mystical district surrounded by the magical Endlos Water.

Within the Presta District was a small sect known as the Presta Sect, located on an island. There was a desolate spiritual mountain within the sect, which lacked any Empyrean Spiritual Energy. It stood out of place amidst the vibrant Spiritual Energy that permeated the Presta Sect.

While situated within the territory of the Presta Sect, this spiritual mountain remained devoid of any living beings. At its summit, an ordinary stone lay surrounded by various overgrown weeds.


Suddenly, a beam of light descended from the sky at a rapid pace and seamlessly merged into the stone, causing it to crack and fragments to fall away. It revealed a man, none other than James.

After countless years of searching for the Koloretsua Stone within the Endlos, James had finally found it. His soul fused with the stone, but when he flexed his muscles and bones, he found his movements to be cumbersome due to the transformation of his physical body from the stone, making it difficult for his soul to fully merge.


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