The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5015

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5015-“I’ll have to give it a try,” James replied.

He wasn’t sure he could succeed on the first try since this was the first time he was allowed to examine the seal in the

villagers’ bodies. Still, he felt confident with his expansive knowledge of various inscriptions.

James rose from his seat. Then, he lifted his hand and channeled his powers to the center of his palm. As James placed

his palm lightly against Yarona’s forehead, the lady could feel James’ powers flowing through her entire body.

Soon enough, James could sense the presence of numerous mysterious inscriptions in Yarona’s body. After giving it some

thought, James carefully directed the flow of his powers toward the inscriptions.

As soon as his powers came into contact with one of the inscriptions, it triggered a sudden change in the inscriptions. An

overwhelming energy was generated and unleashed from the inscriptions, casting James’ powers out of Yarona’s body


The energy affected Yarona as well. The lady coughed up a mouthful of blood and fainted shortly afterward.

“Yarona!” Jai hurried to Yarona’s side to pick her up from the floor.

James furrowed his brow and muttered to himself, “What was that?”

Cray appeared completely unruffled as he explained, ‘The seal was created by Lady Tehila herself. If anyone were to try

and remove it by force, any attempts would trigger the seal and cause harm to the bearer of the seal.”

James seemed a little flustered. ‘The inscriptions inside her body were rather unusual. I can’t decipher and remove them

right away. However… Allow me some time, and I’ll find a way to solve these inscriptions.”

James was sincerely more eager than anyone else to find new inscriptions of foreign or obscure origin. With more and

more new inscriptions added to James’ formation, he found that the power of his formation would improve as its variations


Therefore, James was more than willing to work on any unique inscriptions as it would help benefit him in the long run.

‘That’s enough for today. You can leave now.” Cray waved his hand dismissively and politely asked James to leave.

James gave a slight nod and made his way out of the room. As soon as he had closed the door behind him, James saw

that a formation cast around the room was activated.

The man scratched the tip of his nose as he stared at the door. He mumbled under his breath, “They even put up a

formation… I wonder what they are discussing there.”

Then, James treaded away slowly.

Inside the room, Yarona had eventually regained consciousness. However, the young lady was as white as a sheet.

Cray had a grim expression as he gazed at the lady resting in a chair.

“Mr. Cray, can we really trust Forty-nine?” One of the villagers asked.

Cray shook his head. “I can’t say for sure if he’s the real James Caden. If he is the man whose stories we’ve all heard

about, then we can put our faith in him.”

“I’ve been observing this man for quite some time. The man has a genuine and unpretentious disposition. I have

detected a trace of demonic energy in his body. However, his sense of morality and righteousness were strong enough to

keep the demonic energy from getting out of control.”

“Should we let him enter the secret library?” Jai asked.

Cray paused briefly and said, “He has to enter the secret library and learn the Orstellen Art. Without the knowledge of the

Orstellen Art, he won’t be able to remove the seal in our bodies.”

“What do we do now?”

‘We have not confirmed his identity yet, so we can’t just hand over the art to him like this.”

As the others discussed what they should do next, Cray remained silent and pondered for a while. Eventually, he came to

a decision.

“The only choice we have left now is to unlock the secret realm. Lady Tehila had left a message for us before departing

this place. If something happens to the Koloretsua Stone and no new being is formed from it, our people should activate

the secret realm. The person who can succeed in making it through the secret realm will be worthy of having the Orstellen


“Are we opening the secret realm for Forty-nine alone?”

“Of course not,” Cray responded, “The Koloretsua Stone is no more. There is no point in us guarding this place or

keeping it hidden. We can reveal our location and spread the news about the Orstellen Art. Anyone is welcome to enter

the secret realm to obtain the Orstellen Art.”

“Mhm. That’s the only way now.”

“If Forty-nine really is the destined person for the Koloretsua Stone, then he’ll be able to make it through the test.”


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