The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5016

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5016-According to Lady Tehila’s words, the being born from the Koloretsua Stone would free the villagers of their seal and lift

Te’oma’s seal.

However, another being had bonded with the stone at the moment and hindered their mission to lift the seals.

Initially, Cray had hoped that James would be able to fulfill that task. Seeing that James had failed just now, Cray decided

it was time for them to move on to the alternative plan.

By unlocking their secret realm, the Orstellen Realm, the person who could pass the tests within the realm would be

offered the chance to learn the Orstellen Art. The wielder of the Orstellen Art would possess the knowledge to remove the

Te’oma villagers’ seal.

After assessing the situation, Cray decided to reveal Te’oma’s location to the outside world and welcome cultivators who

might be interested in the Orstellen Art to enter their secret realm.

“In order to get the news widely spread across the ten districts, we need someone fit for the task.” Cray stroked his beard.

“We should ask King Marciais to help us with this favor.”

“King Marciais?!”

The villagers murmured amongst themselves excitedly upon the mention of that name.

“Let’s head over to his place now.”

Cray got up and headed for the door.

James was standing outside the house. He wanted to try and eavesdrop on the conversation happening inside the room

he had just exited. However, he found that his Zen could not penetrate the powerful formation cast over the room.

Just then, he saw Cray and the villagers leaving the house. None of them paid him much attention as they appeared to be

heading toward a spiritual mountain located at the periphery of the village.

James spotted Yarona and caught up with her. He asked curiously, ‘Where are you guys going?”

Yarona replied softly, “Mr. Cray wants to announce the opening of the Orstellen Realm to the outside world. He’s going to

meet King Marciais now.”

“Orstellen Realm?” James was hearing the name for the first time.

Yarona told James what the people of Te’oma had discussed just now.

“You have the Koloretsua Stone, but you can’t seem to undo the seal in our bodies yet. So, Mr. Cray plans to unlock the

Orstellen Realm to pick a successor of the Orstellen Art.”

After listening to Yarona’s explanation, James pouted and grumbled in a small voice, “As I’ve said, I just need more

time to figure it out. I’m positive that I will find a method to undo the seal.”

‘We don’t have much time left, though.”

A frown drew Yarona’s brows together. ‘The seal in our body has a time limit. The countdown starts as soon as the new

being is born from the Koloretsua Stone. We’ve estimated the time of the being’s birth to be around these few years. We

have a time limit often epochs after that.”

“If we couldn’t remove the seal placed over us and the village within ten epochs, everyone would disappear along with the

village when the time runs out. Our existences would be wiped out completely.”

“I see…” James dropped his gaze.

‘So, that’s what the seals are for. Why did the person who cast the seals on the people set so many restrictions, though?

What is she trying to achieve?’ James pondered.

‘Who’s King Marciais, then?” James brought up another question.

Yarona replied, “A long long time ago, Te’oma was actually home to an influential and well-known sect called the Orstellen

Sect. After the invasion of the extraterrestrial demons was prevented and Lady Tehila, the saintess of the Orstellen Sect,

had helped with the restoration of the Endlos, the Orstellen Sect had gone into anonymity.

Eventually, we named this place Te’oma.”

“King Marciais is a genius cultivator from Te’oma who has terrifying powers and skills. In the history of Te’oma, there

was only one person whose skills and knowledge could match those of King Marciais’. You might not have met the man

before, but you must be quite familiar with his stories by now.”

“Huh? Who’s that?”

James had a puzzled look on his fac


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