The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5017

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5017-“Xeraiah Fiadh.” Yarona mentioned a name.

“Uh… Who’s that? I haven’t heard of that name before.” James narrowed his eyes and shook his head.

“He also goes by the name of Emperor Raiah.”

“What?! Emperor Raiah?”

James was shocked out of his wits.

“That’s right.” Jai joined their conversation. “Emperor Raiah, or Xeraiah, was a member of Te’oma Village.”

“Aren’t all of you not allowed to stay away from Te’oma Village for too long? I recall that Emperor Raiah stayed in the

outside world for extended periods of time though,” James asked.

Yarona explained, “Xeraiah carried the seal as well.

However, the man was so strong and talented that he had managed to gain the power to remove the seal on his own.

That was why he was able to leave Te’oma and travel in the outside world.”

“On the other hand, King Marciais is a superior cultivator whose powers are just slightly below that of Emperor Raiah. He

once had the chance to break the seal within his body too. Unfortunately, he lost the battle to Xeraiah in the past and thus

lost the opportunity to train in our sanctuary. The incident affected King Marciais’ spirit and mental state

An inconspicuous, desolate spiritual mountain could be found at one edge of the Te’oma village. The spiritual energy

generated by the lands in that area was not particularly high. Hence, not many cultivators would choose the spiritual

mountain as their training grounds.

Cray led the villagers to a spot where they could see the face of a tall, steep cliff. Then, Cray called out loud, “Zavis, it’s

time to end your meditation now!”

Cray’s deep voice echoed as it reverberated through the space around the mountain.

A few seconds later, cracks started forming on the wall of the cliff. James and the villagers could see the shape of a door

appearing on the face of the cliff.

A cloud of dust rose as pebbles and sand fell from the wall. Just then, the door flew open.

A man with long, unkempt hair walked out of the door the next instant. His clothes were so worn out that it seemed as

though he hadn’t changed them for years.

The villagers bowed their heads slightly upon seeing the man.

“What’s this about?” Zavis Fiadh stopped before the crowd and asked nonchalantly.

“The Koloretsua Stone has found a new master,” Cray replied.

“Oh?” Zavis raised his brows. Still, he did not seem much interested in the matter. “What does that have to do with


Cray said, “You’re an impressive genius cultivator, Zavis. You were fiercely eager to find a way to leave Te’oma in the past.

Unfortunately, you lost the battle to Xeraiah back then. Xeraiah was allowed entry to the sanctuary and received the

treasure. After that, he managed to create the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra, break the seal in his body, and leave


‘Well, I admit my loss.” Zavis gave a shrug.

“Though the Koloretsua Stone has a new master now, the current bearer of the stone doesn’t have the power to undo the

seal in our body. We’ve decided to unlock the Orstellen Realm to pick a successor for the Orstellen Art. You would have

been the perfect candidate to learn the Orstellen Art. However, Lady Tehila has made it clear that none of the people of

Te’oma Village are allowed to learn the Orstellen Art.”

“That is why I have come to see you now. I need you to head to the outside world and spread the word about this.”


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