The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5019

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5019-“I think King Marciais will win too.

‘The Marciais Path recorded in King Marciais’ Divine Martial Scripture was one of the most exceptional signature skills

ever created!”

“Indeed! King Marciais might have been able to defeat Emperor Raiah if they were to have had the battle at a later time.”

In the arena, Zavis stood with his hands on his back. He seemed relaxed as he said, “You can use and unleash whatever

skills you’ve learned, young man. Our saintess has put up a secure formation around the arena. You don’t have to hold

back at all.”

“I’ll gladly oblige, then.”

James activated the Omniscience Path at once and entered the state of the Eleventh Rank. Three circles of halo glowed

around James’ body.

He had decided to fight solely with the powers of the Omniscience Path to gauge Zavis’ skills and abilities first. His

opponent was rumored to be as strong as Emperor Raiah, after all.

“Oh! He must have studied the Divine Martial Scripture circulated in the outside world.”

“He’s planning to use the signature skill created by King Marciais against the creator himself?! Isn’t that a bit hasty?”

The villagers were mostly amused by how things were progressing.

On the other hand, Zavis gave a nod of approval upon seeing the powers released by James. “Hm… Not bad. You’ve

managed to master the Marciais Path from the Divine Martial Scripture and reach the Eleventh Rank of Marciais Path.

Still, you have a long way to go before achieving full enlightenment of the skill.”

‘The Marciais Path from the Divine Martial Scripture?” James was thrown off by the mention of new names he had never

heard of.

Zavis grinned broadly. “I created the Divine Martial Scripture and released it to the outside world. However, the scripture

was a simplified version of the skills I’d come up with. As time went by, the knowledge contained in the scripture was

gradually developed into what the people of the outside world called the Omniscience Path.”

‘You created the Omniscience Path?!” James’ eyes bulged in surprise.

From what James had learned so far, the knowledge of the Omniscience Path had existed for a very long time. Yet, only

two cultivators, Yardos and Soren, had managed to achieve great enlightenment and mastery of the skill.

He did not expect to learn that the Omniscience Path was originally the Marciais Path, which came from the Divine

Martial Scripture.

“Of course,” Zavis responded calmly.

Three halos circled around Zavis’ body and shone brightly as he initiated the Eleventh Rank right away. Then, he

stretched out an arm and gestured to James. “You can start first.”

James inhaled deeply. He knew that he could not afford to let his guard down around Zavis.

James immediately generated ten forms of energy with the powers of the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Art. An immense

aura radiated from James as those ten energies circulated in his body.

Then, he unleashed the Blithe Omniscience to teleport and re-emerge before Zavis. In a flash, James was swinging his

fist at Zavis’ face.

Zavis had detected an unusual energy the second James started generating the powers of the Tenfold Realms

Transcendent Art.

The man swiftly increased the rank of the Marciais Path from the eleventh to the thirteenth rank.

At the twelfth rank of Marciais Path, a cultivator could generate and produce a new form of power as every aspect of their

physical condition reached perfect synchronization.

At the thirteenth rank, the cultivator would be able to make an incredible breakthrough and enter the true state of the

Marciais Path.

In a split second, Zavis reacted to James’ movement and balled his fist to counter James’ attack.


Numerous cracks were formed in the space around the arena as both men’s fists came into contact.

A few seconds later, both of them were sent flying backward due to the impact.


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