The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5020

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5020-The powers of the Thirteenth Rank of Marciais Path was immensely potent. Even though James had unleashed the ten

powers through the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Art, he was unable to overpower Zavis.

As soon as James had steadied himself, he complained aloud, “Mr. Zavis, you did not keep to your promise. You said that

you would adjust your cultivation rank to match mine during the battle!”

Zavis let out a chuckle. “I have suppressed my cultivation rank to match yours, and I haven’t even begun to utilize that part

of my powers. The Marciais Path is simply a signature skill that I have created. Technically speaking, it doesn’t represent

my current cultivation rank.”

James had nothing to refute Zavis’ words since what he said was mostly right.

‘The knowledge of the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra is as impressive as the others have claimed it to be. With just

the Quasi Chaos Rank powers, you managed to take my attack of the thirteenth rank of the Marciais Path by channeling

those ten powers.”

“Unfortunately for you, I have achieved the Marciais Path’s fourteenth rank. I’m already working on entering the fifteenth

rank now. Do you still think you can beat me?”

‘The fourteenth rank?!” James had a look of bewilderment on his face.

‘I’m only at the eleventh rank, whereas King Marciais has advanced to the fourteenth rank!

‘By referring to the ranks in the Omniscience Path, the powers of the tenth rank are equivalent to the Quasi Chaos Rank

powers while the eleventh rank powers are similar to that of the Chaos lllimita Rank powers. As we move up to the

fourteenth rank of the Omniscience Path, its powers are equivalent to that of the Chaos Essencia Rank.

‘That would mean even if Zavis were to give up on using the powers of his actual cultivation rank, he could still wield

powers of the Chaos Essencia Rank through the Marciais Path…’ James pondered.

After the initial feelings of shock and amazement had passed, James began to assess his situation in a composed


During his previous battle with Mekaisto, James managed to cause severe damage to his Chaos Completare Rank

opponent even though he had only reached the Chaos lllimita Rank.

At the moment, Zavis was only deploying powers of the Omniscience Path. Moreover, the potency of his attacks was

slightly weaker than that of Mekaisto’s.

James could see hope in defeating his current opponent.

“Defying Heavens Art!”

As he initiated the skill, James accessed the countless microcosms in his body and unleashed the powers stored within


In a flash, James’ aura flared up with the boost of the energies from the microcosms. Then, he proceeded to complete the

thirty-three steps.

Eventually, James’ aura combined with the aura from his surroundings. Zavis merely took a few steps backward whilst he

tried to withstand the overwhelming pressure of James’ attack and aura.

He was impressed by how James’ aura was increasing by fold. “Excellent! You’re holding up very well. Your aura and

powers have increased significantly. In that case, I won’t hold back too.”

Zavis initiated the fourteenth rank of the Marciais Path the next instant. A terrifying amount of aura radiated from the man

almost instantaneously.

Both men launched their next attack at each other at the same time.

Just as they had come into close proximity, James could sense how the skills he used were still not enough to deflect

Zavis’ attack.

James swiftly conjured his formation to trap Zavis.

Zavis was caught completely off-guard as he suddenly found himself encapsulated in a strange formation. He focused his

powers and launched a blast at the barrier of the formation. However, his attack did not seem to cause any damage to the


On the other hand, James knew that his formation was not strong enough to hold Zavis for long. He must use the

opportunity to take down Zarvis in one go.

James held his hands up and began conjuring inscriptions of various signature skills such as the Universal Sword Art, the

Blossoming, and the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Art. As those inscriptions fused into the formation, the corresponding

signature skills were produced and the attacks were directed at Zavis.

Soon enough, Zavis’ body was covered in blood and wounds.

The Te’oma villagers watched in awe as James managed to confine and overpower Zavis.

‘The King Marciais is getting beaten up..


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