The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5021

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5021

“Even though King Marciais initiated the thirteenth rank of the Marciais Path, James trapped and injured him.”

“Is James really that strong?” The villagers were dumbfounded.

“Do you want to continue?” James’ various Supernatural Powers were integrated into the formation, but he only managed

to hurt King Marciais.

King Marciais’ physical body was terrifying and would eventually break the formation if the fight continued. If that

happened, James would be at his wits’ end.

“You’re impressive.” King Marciais was disheveled while still trapped inside the formation, yet he burst into laughter.

Immediately afterward, he clenched his fists and swung at the formation. The potent force split apart the formation,

disintegrating it into inscriptions. The inscriptions reshaped into a formation again in the distance.

‘That’s Martial Path Power!”

“It’s the real Martial Path Power!”

“As expected from King Marciais.”

The villagers spectating from outside the arena were filled with joy after the formation was broken.

After King Marciais shattered the formation, he hovered

above the arena with his hands behind his back. Then, he shouted, ‘The formation is powerful, but it can’t trap me. Do you

have anything else?”

James’ brows furrowed. He had already gone all-out but failed to force King Marciais to surrender.

“Do I have to use the power of the beam?” His brows furrowed tighter.

After making a decision, James’ formation transformed, and a shadowy figure appeared below the formation.

The formation floated mid-air, with one shadowy figure above it and one below it.

The second figure materialized after James comprehended the beam inscriptions. In fact, he was quite puzzled as to why

it had appeared in the formation.

With a thought, the shadowy figure below the formation suddenly appeared before King Marciais and launched an attack.

King Marciais raised his hand to block the attack. However, his body was knocked away upon impact. Before he could

neutralize the force, the other shadowy figure attacked.

Two shadowy figures besieged King Marciais, one in front and one behind him. King Marciais could not resist and

sustained injuries despite having an exceptional physical body.

At that moment, the formation swept forward again and enveloped King Marciais.

The Thunderous Tribulations appeared within the formation.

However, King Marciais shattered the Tribulation World with a punch that contained his Martial Path Power.

As soon as King Marciais broke the Tribulation World, the two shadowy figures attacked him relentlessly. It was hard for

him to fight two opponents. He was continuously forced to back away. At the same time, he had to withstand the

formation’s pressure.

King Marciais promptly said, “Alright, that’s enough.”

With a thought, James commanded the shadowy figures to return to the formation, one sitting atop the formation’s top and

the other below.

Then, he dispersed the formation.

“Do you admit defeat, Sir?”

“Good gracious.” King Marciais had a disheveled appearance. He said, “Nobody at the same cultivation rank had pushed

me to this extent. The Marciais Path is only a part of the Divine Martial Scripture. I don’t want to use the other

Supernatural Powers of the Divine Martial Scripture. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to control myself. I’m afraid of hurting

you, alright?”

‘Then, let’s continue/’James wanted to see the Supernatural Powers of the Divine Martial Scripture.

“Let’s call it a day. I admit you’re powerful.”

“If you don’t want to keep fighting, you’ll have to admit defeat. Then, according to our previous agreement, you’ll follow

and serve me,” James said with a smile.


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