The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5022

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5022-“Hah!” King Marciais chuckled in disbelief at James’ request. Even the legendary Emperor Raiah was only worthy of being

his friend.

James said smilingly, “I’m just joking. Your cultivation base is unparalleled. How could I ask you to be a follower of mine?

However, I’ve heard about the Divine Martial Scripture you mentioned before and am really interested. Can you give me a

few pointers?”

James had learned about the Divine Martial Scripture from Wyndael.

Initially, he thought Yardos’ master was the creator of the Divine Martial Scripture. However, he found out the version they

had been cultivating was incomplete. In truth, King Marciais was the creator of the Divine Martial Scripture.

The village chief was very satisfied with the battle’s outcome. King Marciais was an extraordinary existence, but he finally

struggled against someone while at the same cultivation rank. As a result, it would considerably lessen his arrogance.

King Marciais dispersed his Marciais Path and left the arena.

James followed suit.

After they walked out of the arena, the village chief waved his hand, and the area turned back to a simple village.

King Marciais approached the village chief and asked, “What do you need me for this time?”

The village chief said, “I need you to spread the news about Te’oma Village and that the Orstellen Sect is making a

reappearance, as well as the Orstellen Realm and Orstellen Art. You won’t need me to teach you how, right?”

King Marciais stretched his body and said lazily, “I haven’t been around the outside world for a long time. I don’t know

what’s the situation out there like. What kind of powerhouses have been born after Emperor Raiah?”

The village chief smiled and explained the current trend of the Endlos to him.

After learning there were several powerhouses at the Chaos Completare Rank, King Marciais was intrigued.

James promptly stepped forward and said, “How about I accompany you, sir?”

King Marciais looked at James and said, “You? You should stay in the village and focus on cultivating. As Emperor Raiah’s

successor, your cultivation rank is too weak.”

Although his fight with James was almost a draw, King Marciais suppressed his cultivation rank to have a fair fight. If he

had fought with his actual cultivation rank, James would have been trounced regardless of the boons he had.

“Please teach me the Divine Martial Scripture, sir.”

‘The Divine Martial Scripture isn’t impressive at all. You’ll be powerful if you obtain the Orstellen Art,” said King Marciais.

Intrigued, James asked, “Is there any connection between the Herstellen Art and Oestellen Art?”

King Marciais stared at James.

Everyone else looked at James, puzzledly.

“Why do you know about the Herstellen Art?” King Marciais asked curiously.

James replied smilingly, “In the Chaos Arena, I obtained clues about the Herstellen Art left by Emperor Raiah. I learned

about the three beams that existed before the Endlos. These three beams are the so-called Herstellen Art.

I almost died in battle. However, a beam of light appeared before my death. I merged with the beam and survived.

Theoretically, I’ve obtained one-third of the Herstellen Art.”

“I see.” King Marciais came to a sudden realization.

He explained, “Herstellen and Orstellen Art are indeed related. The Herstellen Art is an Innate Art, whereas the Orstellen

Art is an Acquired Art.”

James asked, “What do you mean by that?”

King Marciais elaborated, “Innate Art is a natural existence that was around before the birth of heaven and earth.

Acquired Art, on the other hand, is a treasure created after heaven and earth had formed. The Herstellen Art contains the

mystery and meaning of the Endlos. Meanwhile, Lady Tehila created the Orstellen Art after being inspired by the three

Endlos Lights.”

James immediately had a clear picture after hearing his explanation. Curious, he asked, “What’s Lady Tehila’s cultivation


He had heard about Lady Tehila more than once. She was the Orstellen Sect’s saintess and the village’s former lord.


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