The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5026

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5026-King Marciais was not certain about James’ situation. He could only make a few speculations based on the known facts.

As for whether he was right, he could not say for sure.

Perhaps the truth would only be uncovered when James’ strength and formation improved.

King Marciais did not continue speaking and began moving forward.

James followed behind him.

With just one step forward, they could swiftly travel across a few universes. Soon, they arrived in the Presta District’s

Endlos Void and continued traveling toward the Chaos District.

The two arrived in the Thala Realm Universe, where the Angels resided. Then, they entered a tavern within a prosperous


King Marciais drank his wine while looking out the window, observing the passing crowd on the streets. He was deep in

thought, but it was hard to tell what was on his mind.

James took out a pot of Tribulation Liquid and filled King Marciais’ cup. Then, he said smilingly, “Have another drink,


Tribulation Liquids were valuable treasures. However, they were worthless to King Marciais. Although they contained

powerful energy, they were not of much help to him.

The Tribulation Liquid’s energy permeated the entire city. Even outside the city, one could smell the Tribulation Liquid’s

charming fragrance and powerful energy.

Its energy continued to spread out, arousing the attention of the Angels.

Countless living beings gathered outside the tavern and sat down in lotus positions to absorb the energy emitted by the

Tribulation Liquid.

Neither James nor King Marciais paid much attention to them.


Suddenly, a flash of light landed in the distance, and a group of living beings emerged.

“The Angel Race’s Prince has arrived.”

“It’s Ivern Amani.”

“Is he here to seize the treasure?”

The crowd began to discuss.

Ivern quickly approached the tavern. After confirming the energy from the tavern’s top floor, he licked his lips.

One of the guards accompanying him warned him, “Your Highness, you shouldn’t be reckless. A treasure emitting such

potent energy must be out of the ordinary. We can’t afford to offend someone capable of possessing something so


“This universe belongs to the Angels. It’s our territory, so there’s nothing to be afraid of. Let’s head up to have a look.”

Ivern was not concerned about the guard’s warning.

King Marciais picked up the cup with Tribulation Liquid and gulped it in one go. Then, he said smilingly, ‘Tribulation

Liquid produced from a Heavenly Tribulation tastes pretty good.”

“Since you like it, I’ll pour more for you.”

James had already acquired the Tribulation Sea. To him, Tribulation Liquid was not valuable.

He also drank a large glass of Tribulation Liquid. The powerful force circulated within his body and accelerated the fusion

of his soul and body. Then, the remaining energy was absorbed by his new body.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps resounded.

Ivern arrived at the tavern’s top floor with some guards.

As soon as Ivern noticed the pot of Tribulation Liquid on the table, he was intrigued. However, he did not dare to make a

reckless move since he was still clueless about the origin of the two people before him.

He approached with guards, clasped his hands, and said, ” I’m the Angel Races’ Prince and the future leader of the

Angels. May I ask who the two of you might be? Why did you not come to pay your visits despite entering our territory?”

“Get lost.” James’ face darkened.

“Wait…” King Marciais immediately intervened, saying,” Cultivators must not be impetuous. Whoever he is, he’s a guest.”

James chuckled and said, “I was just worried he would’ve disturbed you.”

“It’s fine.” King Marciais waved his hand. Then he pointed to the chair beside him and said, “Please have a seat, young


Ivern scanned James and King Marciais up and down. They knew Ivern was trying to detect their cultivation rank, so they

adjusted their auras.


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