The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5027

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5027-“The Terra Acme Rank?’

After sensing their cultivation ranks, Ivern walked over with a malicious smile. He took a knife, stabbed it into the table,

and asked, “Where are you two from? How dare you steal our race’s nectar?

“Guards, capture them!”

Several guards immediately approached them.

James stood up and was ready to take action. However, King Marciais stopped him and motioned for him to sit down. “It’s


James was unsure of King Marciais’ intention, so he obediently sat down.

The guards immediately held them at knifepoint.

Ivern ordered, “Take them away.”

Just like that, James and King Marciais were captured.

Ivern carefully picked up the pot of Tribulation Liquid from the table and sniffed it. A powerful energy emerged and entered

his body, causing his pores to expand. At that moment, he felt indescribably comfortable.

He put the pot away and quickly left the tavern.

Meanwhile, the Angel’s Patriarch, Jethro, was chatting with a sect elder in their main hall.

Ivern hurriedly rushed over and called out, “Father, Father!”

Before he even entered the hall, his voice had reached.

Jethro’s face darkened, and he reprimanded Ivern, “How are you to inherit me in the future if you’re so imprudent?”

Ivern calmed down and said, “Father, there’s hope for the Angels to rise again. Please come with me.”

After being briefly stunned by Ivern’s words, Jethro recollected and said, “Please wait a moment, Sir Macri.”

Jethro left the hall with Ivern. Soon, they arrived in the backward of a manor.

‘Tribulation Liquid?” Jethro was stunned. He asked, “Where did you get it from?”

Jethro knew Tribulation Liquids were produced during Heavenly Tribulations. Cultivators would have a chance to obtain a

drop during their Heavenly Tribulations. However, Ivern presented more than half a pot of Tribulation Liquid to him. It was

inevitable that he would be shocked.

Ivern boasted, “I encountered two Terra Acmeans. They were drinking the Tribulation Liquid like it was wine. I do not know

where they got it, but they must be clueless about its benefits. I’ve already captured them. Since they have a pot of it, they

must have even more on them. If we interrogate them, we might be able to obtain more, and our race will be able to rise.”

‘Terra Acmeans?” Jethro frowned.

Ivern replied proudly, “Yeah.”

James and King Marciais were imprisoned in the Angel Race’s dungeon.

Puzzled, James asked, “What are you up to?”

King Marciais was sitting in a lotus position with a calm expression. He replied, “What is experience? It’s not just about

fighting. Wandering the Endlos is also considered an experience. You don’t always have to use force to resolve problems.

“Right now, we’re also gaining experience by training our mental fortitude.

“Although your Cultivation Heart is stable, you’re a little too irritable and aggressive.”

James thought about it and found that King Marciais’ words made sense.

Suddenly, footsteps came from outside the dungeon.

Immediately afterward, a group of creatures appeared in sight. Walking in the lead was the Angels’ Patriarch, Jethro,

whereas Ivern followed closely behind him.

After Jethro arrived, he began to sense James and King Marciais’ cultivation rank. However, he could not see through

them and immediately broke out in cold sweats.


He hit Ivern’s head and reprimanded him, ‘You insolent

child! Hurry up and kneel!”

Ivern was startled after being hit.

Meanwhile, Jethro quickly opened the dungeon’s door and said respectfully, “My son was ignorant and rude toward you.

I’m so sorry he has offended you two. Please state your punishment


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