The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5028

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5028-James was slightly startled to see Jethro. In his memories, Jethro had already died. He secretly performed an

extrapolation and identified the reason for Jethro’s resurrection.

Previously, he had destroyed the Chaos Heavenly Path. As a result, the Chaos District’s order went haywire. Many

strange things happened, and some deceased beings came back to life.

James was not too surprised after realizing the truth.

Jethro could not see through James and King Marciais’ cultivation rank and immediately knew they were super

powerhouses. The Angels could not afford to offend them.

Ivern, on the other hand, was stunned. Before he could process the situation, a powerful force crushed down on him,

forcing him onto his knees.

“We’ll accept punishment.”

Jethro immediately took out the Tribulation Liquid and offered it back to them with both hands, saying, “The Tribulation

Liquid shall be returned in full.”

James looked at King Mariciais, waiting for him to express his stance.

King Marciais slowly stood up and helped Ivern up from the ground. Then, he looked at Jethro and said, “It’s

unnecessary to go to such lengths over such a small matter. He can stand.”

Ivern was still a little confused. It took him a while to finally realize the two people in front of him were very powerful


King Maricias turned around and left the dungeon without taking the Tribulation Liquid.

“It’s yours,” James said casually. Then, he followed behind King Marciais.

After leaving the dungeon, James thought of Leilani from the Angel Race. While he was still relatively weak, he had some

interactions with Leilani.

James smiled as he thought back on the past events. He began to wonder how Leilani was doing after so much time had


“Since I’m already here, might as well go to Mount Eden for a walk,” James suggested.

Curious, King Marciais turned around and asked, “Mount Eden? Where’s that?”

James replied with a smile, ‘The residence of the Angel Race’s Princess.”

“I see,” King Marciais smiled meaningfully.

James was speechless. He took a step forward and instantly arrived on Mount Eden.

At the peak of Mount Eden, there was a beautiful lake. In the center of the lake was an island with a few buildings.

Within one of the courtyards, a beautiful woman wearing a white dress propped up her chin with her hands and looked at

the calm lake in a daze.

A pretty maid behind her asked, ‘What’s bothering you, Your Highness?”

Leilani snapped out of her thoughts and shook her head, saying, “It’s nothing. Accompany me on a stroll.”

“Of course, Your Highness.”

Suddenly, a man appeared before her. It was James, who had already changed his appearance.

King Marciais appeared right after James. He stared at Leilani and praised, “Not bad. She’s indeed gorgeous.”

Leilani was slightly startled by the uninvited guests. She stepped backward and stared at them warily.

Jethro also followed after them. However, he waited outside the manor as he did not dare to enter. He was confused by

the situation. “Strange. Why did they come to Mount Eden?”

“W-Who are you guys?” Leilani looked at them, alerted.

King Marciais looked at Leilani and said smilingly, “Oh, yeah. She’s quite the eye candy. I’ll need a maid on this journey,

so you’ll do.”

“A maid?” Leilani frowned. She was the Angel Race’s Princess, a high and mighty existence. How would she be

willing to serve as someone’s maid?

James said, smiling, “You’re chance to rise has arrived, Leilani. You should agree quickly.”

“Get lost, or I won’t show any mercy.” Leilani’s face darkened.

King Marciais sighed and said, “Since you’re unwilling, forget it. I never force anyone to do something they don’t want to.”

Jethro quickly rushed over and said smilingly, “Sir, I’ll agree on behalf of my daughter.


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