The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5029

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5029-Leilaini frowned. “Father!”

Jethro ignored her. He looked at King Marciais and asked smilingly, “May I ask where you’re from?”

‘The Orstellen Sect,” King Marciais replied calmly. Then, he waved his hand, and an invitation appeared in his palm. He

tossed it over to Jethro and said, ’This is an invitation from the Orstellen Sect. With this, you can participate in the

Orstellen Convention.”

‘The Orstellen Sect?” Jethro’s brows furrowed.

He had heard of almost all the hidden sects in the Endlos’ Ten Districts.

After Zaden became the Endlos Lord again, many hidden forces emerged and made public appearances. However, he

had heard of the Orstellen Sect before.

‘The date is noted on the invitation. Whether you attend or not is up to you,” King Maricias said calmly.

After passing the invitation to Jethro, he turned around and left.

James also left with him.

Jethro stood in place, confused.

Leilani, on the other hand, had missed a great opportunity.

After leaving the Angels’ territory, James followed King

Marciais around the Chaos District. King Marciais was not arrogant when he visited a few sects and handed them

invitations from the Orstellen Sect.

After traveling around the Chaos District, they headed to the other districts. Their destination was mainly powerful sects,

families, and orthodoxes.

James followed King Marciais without asking any questions.

After a while, his soul had completely merged with his new body.

James sat in a lotus position atop a mountain in the Theos District. His aura continued to grow stronger.

King Marciais stood aside with a smile and muttered, “His soul has already completely integrated with the body.”

James’ cultivation base had already returned to the peak of his previous life, and he was at the Chaos Rank again.

Now that his soul had completely integrated with his body, he took advantage of the moment to cultivate. He

comprehended one-third of the Herstellen Art and gained insight into the ultimate mystery of the Endlos.

His aura was constantly rising as he cultivated within a time formation. Soon, he reached the Chaos Transcendere Rank.

After reaching the Chaos Transcendere Rank, James restrained his aura. Then, he stood up and dispersed the time


King Marciais smiled and praised him, “Good job. You’ve reached the Chaos Transcendere Rank. Your soul and

physical body are really strong. Moreover, your comprehension of cultivation is very profound. Your cultivation journey

from now onward will be very smooth. As long as you continue to grow stronger, you’ll be able to make constant

breakthroughs in cultivation ranks.

James stretched his body, and he felt indescribably comfortable.

‘Your bloodline power is also quite strong. Try to enter the Marciais Path’s Twelfth Rank now,” said King Marciais.

“Alright.” James immediately sat in a lotus position on the ground and activated the Omniscience Path, also known as the

Marciais Path.

He instantly entered the Maciais Path’s Eleventh Rank, and three light halos representing his soul, bloodline power, and

physical strength appeared around his body. These three powers were called the Three Flowers.

King Marciais said, “It’s very easy to enter the Marciais Path’s Twelfth Rank. All you need to do is fuse your Three Flowers

to create a new force and reach a new realm.

“I call this realm the Ternion Rank.”

With King Marciais’ explanation, James began cultivating and activating his Three Flowers.


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