The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5047

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5047-Boom!!!

The Five Finger Mountain fell to the ground.

Even though Wyot was powerful, he could not dodge the mountain and was pinned to the ground.

Wyot mobilized all his strength to resist. The Five Finger Mountain cracked, and there were signs of it about to


However, King Marciais unleashed a few more inscriptions and submerged them into the mountain.

The pressure crushing down on Wyot’s body increased, and he was unable to escape. He kept resisting the mountain and

panted for air.

At the same time, he was startled by King Marciais’ strength.

He had already entered the Chaos Completare Rank and cultivated countless Supernatural Powers. Although he had not

perfected the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra, he possessed one-third of the Herstellen Art. He was almost

unbeatable in the Endlos. Yet, he was being suppressed.

‘What’s the origin of Orstellen Sect?’ Wyot wondered.

Many living beings were gathered in the area.

After seeing Wyot being so easily suppressed, everyone gasped in shock.

“He’s too powerful.”

“King Marciais is terrifying.”

Carlos, who was watching from the distance, was also dumbfounded.

He thought Wyot could crush King Marciais with the strength of the Chaos Completare Rank. However, King Marciais was

trouncing him.

Carlos stood in place, at a loss.

“What do you think of my attack, Grand Priest?” King Marciais looked at James proudly.

James gave him sincere praise. “It’s powerful.”

Thea secretly cursed out in her heart, “What a freak.”

King Marciais waved his hand and dispersed the Five Finger Mountain.

Wyot was finally freed. Although he was pinned down momentarily, he was not injured. He had an exceptional physical

body because he had reached the Chaos Completare Rank, and he also had a Thousand Paths Holy Body. Despite that,

he was slightly disheveled and looked ragged.

He floated in the void and stared at King Marciais, confused by his intentions. King Marciais merely suppressed him for a

while, then released him. Wyot was not sure what King Marciais was trying to do.

King Marciaias asked with a smile, “Do you accept defeat, Wyot?”

Wyot replied sincerely, “Yeah. Your cultivation base is incredibly high. Even though I’m at the Chaos Completare Rank, I

am simply no match against you. However, I’ll definitely surpass you with some more time.”

He had accepted his defeat. However, he still had confidence in himself.

King Marcaiais smiled brightly. Then, he waved his hand, and an invitation appeared before Wyot.

“You’re invited to participate in the Orstellen Convention.”

Wyot took the invitation, opened it, and took a look. Then, he replied, “I’ll be there on time.”

King Marciais looked at James and said, “Let’s go.”

“Is that all?” James frowned.

“What else? Do you expect me to kill him?” King Marciais rolled his eyes.

Meanwhile, Thea appeared before Carson. She looked at him and said, “Come with me, Carson.”

Carson sneered, “You want me to go with you? Who do you think you are? What qualifications do you have to make me

follow you?”

Wyot reprimanded him, “Carson, don’t be stubborn. You should return with her to your family in the Human Universe. After

your mental fortitude has stabilized, come back here, and I’ll teach you a supreme Supernatural Power.”

“I don’t want to.” Carson wore an arrogant expression.


Wyot swung his hand at Carson, and Caron’s face swelled immediately.


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