The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5048

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5048-‘This is so troublesome. Just take him by force.” King Marciais could not stand it anymore. He appeared in front of Carson

and released his powerful aura.

Faced with King Marciais’ potent aura, Carson was immediately humbled. He covered his swollen cheek and stared at

King Marciais warily. “W-What do you want?”

King Marciais had suppressed Wyot in battle. Thus, Carson was terrified of him.

‘Til give you two choices. You either come with us or die.”

King Marciais raised his hand, and a powerful force fluttered in his palm. He looked at Carson with a playful expression

and waited for his decision.

“I…” Carson was about to speak but he suddenly paused.

He was just slapped and wanted to curse out of anger.

However, he could only suppress his resentment in front of King Marciais.

“Please do discipline him,” Wyot suddenly interrupted.

‘You’re so troublesome. I should just kill you,” King Marciais said impatiently.

Carson’s face paled in fear. He said hurriedly, “I’ll come! I’ll come!”

“There you go.” King Marciais dispersed the power in his palm. Then, he said calmly, “Let’s head to the Hazeaf

District’s Mount Hazea to see Taran. After this last stop, I’ll head back to the Orstellen Sect.

Meanwhile, Carson treated the swelling on his face. He did not dare to disobey King Marciais and silently followed behind


The group left under the watchful gazes of Wyot and the surrounding living beings.

Soon, they had left the Dark World and reappeared in the Endlos Void. This time, they did not travel hastily because of

their extra company.

Although Carson was strong, he was much weaker than the other three. His speed was unable to keep up with them.

Thus, King Marciais deliberately slowed down.

After arriving in a broken universe within the Endlos, King Marciais decided to take a break.

There were no inhabitants in the universe.

King Marciais sat on a planet and began to rest.

James stood beside him and said, ‘You’re finally adjusting your aura. Is it because you’re afraid of Taran?”

“What do you know?”

King Marciais opened his eyes and said, ‘Taran is powerful. Although I’ve never fought him before, I heard a lot about him.

I know about the grudge between him and Emperor Raiah. Even with the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Art, Emperor

Raiah could only gain a slight upper hand against

him. Now that so much time has passed, nobody knows how much he has improved. Of course, I have to prepare myself.”

After speaking, King Marciais closed his eyes.

Meanwhile, Carson sat dejectedly nearby, deep in thought.

Thea stood beside him and said, “After the Orstellen Convention, return to the Human Universe with me. I’m sure James

will appear during the Orstellen Convention.”

Startled, Carson asked, “James? Didn’t he die an entrapoch ago? How will he show up?”

Thea replied, “Everyone thinks he’s dead. However, I can sense his soul aura still exists within the Endlos. He must be

cultivating somewhere right now. He’ll definitely show up after learning about the convention.”

Carson did not respond.

‘You shouldn’t use the name Carson Dalibor anymore. Your last name should be Caden.”

Thea looked at Carson thoughtfully and said, “But what should your new name be?”

James interrupted, saying, “What about Hetsema Caden? Didn’t you bring him out from Mount Hetsema? Wyot named his

seclusion residence Mount Hetsema, and there must be a meaning behind it. His new name will be Hetsema Caden.”

“Our family business has nothing to do with you.” Thea rolled her eyes.

James immediately shut up.

Carson said coldly, “My last name is Dalibor! I won’t change it.”

King Marciais, who was resting, suddenly shouted, “What did you say?”


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