The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5049

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5049-Carson parted his lips, about to refute. However, he noticed the terrifying expression on King Marciais’ face and

immediately swallowed his words. He replied, “I think Caden is a nice last name.”

Thea smiled in satisfaction. Fortunately, King Marcaiais was with them. Otherwise, she would have a hard time dealing

with Carson.

‘Then Hetsema Caden it is.”

Thea could not be bothered to think of a new name. To her, names were insignificant, and it did not matter.

“Remember, your name is Hetsema Caden from now onward. You’re a human and no longer part of the Dooms,” Thea

reminded him.

“Fine,” Hetsema replied reluctantly.

At this point in his life, he no longer cared what he was called or what race he belonged to. He was more concerned about

why Thea was with the powerhouses of the Orstellen Sect.

Moreover, after thinking about it from another perspective, he found returning to the Human Race was not a bad idea.

Thea was the Human Race’s matron and a powerhouse at the Chaos Completare Rank. She would surely agree if he

demanded to become the Human Race’s Lord after returning with her.

On top of that, he learned that James was not dead yet. James owed him a lot. Thus, Hetsema was sure to gain many

benefits, especially Supernatural Powers, when they met.

Hetsema decided to endure everything for a while. After he obtains the Supernatural Powers, he would leave and cultivate

in seclusion. He wanted the Endlos to tremble under his feet someday. Even Taran and King Marciais would be below him

when that time comes.

With these thoughts, Hetsema felt much better.

Hetsema looked toward King Marciais, resting in the distance.

“King Marciais is incredibly strong. If I can become his disciple, I’ll gain many Supernatural Powers.”

Hetsema fell into thought.

Suddenly, he stood up and walked over to King Marciais. Then, he knelt to the ground.

James and Thea were stunned by his sudden behavior.

“What are you doing, Hetsema?” asked Thea.

Hetsema said earnestly, “King Marciais, I want to be your disciple.”

King Marciais looked at Hetsema, who was kneeling on the ground. Then, he turned to James.

James looked at him helplessly and said, “You should

accept him. James is already dead. Wyot, on the other hand, had instilled the idea of destroying the Human Race into his

mind since he was a child. He grew up in hatred and needs your guidance.”

“You’re the dead one!” Thea said coldly, “I’ll say it one more time. James is not dead!”

King Marciais replied seriously, “I’ve never accepted a disciple before, but I’ll make an exception because of the Grand


‘Thank you, Sir Marciais.”

Hetsema was overjoyed and bowed a few times.

King Marciais said calmly, ‘That’s enough. Get up.”

Hestema stood up and said excitedly, “Now that I’m your disciple, shouldn’t you teach me some Supernatural Powers?”

King Marciais replied calmly, “You’re only at the Quasi Chaos Rank and cannot cultivate my Supernatural Powers yet.

However, you can ask the Grand Priest to teach you the Marciais Path, more commonly known as the Omniscience Path.

After you reach the Marciais Path’s Fourteenth Rank, I’ll teach you the Divine Martial Scripture.”

Hestema was immediately disappointed. He knew the Omniscience Path was challenging to cultivate. Reaching the Tenth

Rank was already difficult, let alone the Fourteenth Rank.

Thea’s curiosity about the so-called Marciais Path was piqued. “Sir, are you the one that created the Omniscience Path, I

mean, the Marciais Path?”

James slapped her on the butt and said, “Why are you calling him sir? You can call him Zavis.


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