The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5051

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5051-Taran shook his head.

“Not necessarily. Emperor Raiah mentioned that King Marciais created the Divine Martial Art and the Marciais Path. So

many years have passed. No one knows how far he’s reached in the Marciais Path. If his Divine Martial Art isn’t

successful, he won’t be my match. If it is, we will only find out who’s stronger after battling.”

Upon hearing that, the disciple before Taran was stunned. Then, he said, “King Marciais could suppress Zaden, who has

the Endlos Heart. Does that mean you can do the same? However, you had a hard time during the battle in the Chaos

Arena. That shouldn’t be. Logically speaking, you should be able to suppress the Grand Patriarchs from the hidden sects.”

Taran did not bother explaining himself as no living being knew just how terrifying the Grand Patriarchs from the hidden

sects were.

Lennox Zale of Mount Genesis and Franco Tackman of Mount Taba were well-known during Emperor Raiah’s era.

Although they did not participate in the battle, they were still very powerful.

They had yet to show their full ability.

Their true abilities were powerful and terrifying.

Even so, Taran could suppress them easily if he were to

face them one-on-one.

However, if all of them attacked at once, it would be difficult for Taran to handle them.

Even killing about ten of them and injuring another several would be an amazing feat.

“Step down.”

Taran waved his hand.

After the disciple left, Taran closed his eyes to rest.

He believed that King Marciais would find him soon. The two would have a battle. Whoever won would be the number one

powerhouse of Endlos.

Even though it would not be a life-or-death battle, it would be a battle of honor.

As a cultivator, especially one at the top of the pyramid, Taran appreciated every opponent and every opportunity of a

well-matched battle.

He did not want to miss this battle.

Even if King Marciais did not look for him, he would look for King Marciais.

Now, Taran needed to adjust his state of mind and wait for King Marciais’ arrival.

At the same time, King Marciais was adjusting his state of mind as well.

On a planet devoid of living beings, he sat with his legs crossed. He exuded a terrifying aura. He seemed to be heading

into the Fifteenth Rank of the Marciais Path.

King Marciais and Taran were both adjusting their state of mind.

The news that King Marciais wanted to duel against Taran spread throughout the ten districts. Several powerhouses of the

ten districts rushed to the Hazeaf District, ready to watch the most exciting battle in the world.

Even the Grand Patriarchs of Mount Genesis and Mount Taba, Lennox and Franco, had stepped out of the mountains.

The powerhouses were the survivors of Taran’s siege. All of them were powerful, but they did not want any titles. They

only wanted to live safely in Endlos.

Everyone in Endlos was anticipating the battle.

Nevertheless, King Marciais did not show up in the Hazeaf District.

Somewhere in Endlos, James was waiting.

Meanwhile, King Marciais was meditating in seclusion in a time formation.

At King Marciais’ cultivation rank, he could control time at will.

Although only tens of thousands of years had passed in the outside world, King Marciais had been cultivating in the time

formation for a long time.

James did not stay idle during this time either. He was

trying to get close to Thea.

Sadly, Thea ignored James.

Thus, James felt blue.

Just then, King Marciais dispersed the time formation and stood up before stretching his muscles. With a smile, he said,

“Can we head off now?”

James glanced at King Marciais and asked, “Have you reached the Fifteenth Rank of the Marciais Path?”

King Marciais smiled but did not answer James’ question. He began walking toward the Endlos Void.


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