The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5052

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5052-On Mount Hazeafof the Hazeaf District, powerhouses from the ten districts gathered at the entrance even though King

Marciais had not arrived.

The powerhouses were there to watch the most exciting battle in the world.

They wanted to know who was stronger-Taran, who beat up Zaden, or King Marciais, who crushed Zaden in one blow.

Taran did not open the gate, so the powerhouses from Endlos could not enter Mount Hazeaf. They could only wait


“Between King Marciais and Emperor Casey, who is stronger?”

“It’s hard to say, but based on their record, King Marciais should be stronger.”

“Emperor Casey beat up Zaden, while King Marciais crushed Zaden in one blow. I think they have similar strengths.”

Countless living beings were engaged in discussion.

From the near distance, a man and woman walked over.

They were Zaden and Xezal of the Doom Race.

Since it was a battle of the strongest, they wanted to have a look.

‘You can decide.”

“The battle will be held where the Chaos Tablet was previously located.” King Marciais decided on the place. Then, he

waved his hand, and a letter of challenge emerged in his hand. He gave it to James and said, “Here’s the letter of


Just as James was about to take the letter of challenge, Hetsema stepped forward. With a bright smile, he said,” Saint

Zuriel, leave this to me.”

As he spoke, he looked at King Marciais and asked, “May I?”

Indifferently, King Marciais said, “Up to you.”

“Go ahead then.” James was also indifferent.

Hetsema took the letter of challenge and hurried to Mount Hazeaf of the Hazeaf District.

On the other hand, James, King Marciais, and Thea were standing in the void.

Before the battle began, Thea was already looking forward to the battle of the strongest.

“Are you confident in winning?” Thea glanced at King Marciais.

King Marciais was mentally very strong. Even though he had a fight coming up, he remained calm. He said, “Victory isn’t

important. What’s important is that after this battle, the Orstellen Sect’s fame will spread throughout the ten districts. By

then, even the living beings who aren’t invited may attend the Orstellen Convention in the Orstellen Sect.”

“Don’t listen to him,” said James seriously. “He’s pretending to be weak. Now, he claims he can’t defeat Taran, but when

he actually does, he’ll show off.”

Upon hearing that, Thea was speechless.

The three of them waited.

Meanwhile, Hetsema took the letter of challenge and headed to Mount Hazeaf.

He was in the Quasi Chaos Rank and could move quickly. Soon, he arrived on Mount Hazeaf.

Outside Mount Hazeaf, countless living beings gathered.

Those who could watch the battle were all well-known figures in Endlos. They were all Grand Patriarchs of sects, Clan

Leaders, and elders.


In the distant void, the space fluctuated.


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