The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5053

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5053-“Has he arrived?”

Countless living beings turned around and looked into the distance.

However, under the gazes of many, King Marciais and Saint Zuriel did not appear. Instead, an unknown living being

showed up.

He was Hetsema, who used to be known as Carson.

He was popular in the Chaos District, but he was nothing in the ten districts. Many living beings did not know who he was.

“Who is he?”

“Is he here to watch the battle too?”

“Since there was a rift, I thought it’d be King Marciais and Saint Zuriel.”

The voices of discussions were loud.

“It’s him?”

Outside Mount Hazeaf, there were several living beings of the Human Race.

Even Jacopo, Noel, Winnie, Xainte, and the others had arrived. They were all here to join in the fun.

“He’s Dad’s illegitimate child,” said Jacopo.

Winnie slapped the back of Jacopo’s head and scolded,” How can you say that? He’s still your brother, after all.”

“This brat wanted to wipe out the Human Race last time,” Noel could not help but say.

“Alright. Stop it.” Xainte stood forward.

In the distance, Hetsema stepped on the void and walked forward. Soon, he arrived at the entrance of Mount Hazeaf.

“Carson, I’ve been searching for you.” Winnie appeared in the sky and before Hetsema. She looked at him and said, “

Where have you been? We’ve been looking for you. Since you’re here, don’t leave. Come back with us and return to the


Hetsema glanced at Winnie. Arrogantly, he said, “You have no business here. I was sent here by my teacher to bring a

letter of challenge.”

“Your teacher?” Winnie was stunned.

Hetsema was smug. He scanned the living beings below him and said loudly, “That’s right. My teacher is King Marciais of

the Orstellen Sect.”

While speaking, he took out King Marciais’ letter of challenge.

The letter of challenge was accompanied by a terrifying power. It was so powerful that it suppressed the area.

The power of a mere letter of challenge could suppress countless living beings.

Winnie, who was standing in mid-air, could not resist the power as well. She fell to the ground roughly.

Below, many living beings could not handle the pressure and fell to their knees, trembling.

Upon seeing that, Hetsema felt satisfied. He smiled.

At the same time, his desire for strength and power grew stronger.

“Emperor Casey, I’m Hetsema. I’m here to deliver the letter of challenge on my teacher’s order. Please open the gate,”

said Hetsema.


“Isn’t he Carson?”

“Did he change his name?”

The living beings who did not know the truth were confused.

Regarding the suspicions, Hetsema stood in the void and said, “I used to be Carson, but now, I have returned to my

family. I’m actually from the Human Race. My biological father is James of the Human Race, and my stepmother is Thea,

the Human Race’s matron. My teacher is King Marciais, and my foster father is Emperor Hetsema.”

Hetsema announced loudly.

“My biological mother is from the Doom Race. I have a part of the Doom Race’s bloodline in me. Zaden, the Grand

Patriarch of the Doom Race, is also my Grand Patriarch.”

Hetsema’s voice was loud.

He mentioned several powerhouses of Endlos.

With those powerhouses’ names, Hetsema could do anything he wanted in Endlos.

Who would dare do anything to him?

To deal with him, one had to be sure one could also deal with those powerhouses.

“Besides, my real father, James, isn’t dead. He only went into hiding to cultivate. He will show up at the Orstellen

Convention. By then, he will dominate everyone present.”

Hetsema’s voice sounded again.

Outside Hazeaf District, King Marciais was impressed. He said, “Not bad. He acts more smug than me.”


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