The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5055

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5055-Hetsema kissed up to King Marciais and said, “You taught me well.”

Unhappy, James said, “You taught him nothing good. You only taught him how to act smug.”

“Haha. Let’s go.” King Marciais laughed.

“You’re leaving so quickly?” James did not want to leave yet. He said, “Did you forget something?”

“What?” King Marciais was confused.

‘The Empyrean herbs,” reminded James before continuing,” I don’t have Mount Hazeaf’s Empyrean herbs. How would I

enter the Fourteenth Rank of the Marciais Path and the Chaos Essencia Rank?”


Feeling awkward, King Marciais said, “Mount Hazeaf is different from other places. The herbs here aren’t easy to get.

There are still many herbs in Te’oma Village. Why don’t you cultivate later?”

“Are you afraid?” James laughed.


Seriously, King Marciais said, “It’s basic respect for Taran. He’s earned my respect with his ability. That’s it. Let’s go.”

James did not say anything else.

They left the place in a hurry and headed to where the battle would be held.

Soon, they arrived in the Dark World where the Chaos Tablet used to be.

The place was in a mess.

Mountains, rivers, and grounds collapsed. There were also many cracks in the void. Even though more than one

entrapoch had passed, the terrifying battle aura still lingered.

The battle aura was not something Hetsema could handle.

Nonetheless, the powerhouses by his side helped him block the frightening battle aura at the place.

Upon arriving at the place, King Marciais found a hilltop.

Sitting on the hilltop in a lotus position, he waited for Taran to appear.

In the meantime, Hetsema did not stay idle.

He already knew that Wyot and Thea were able to obtain the Herstellen Art.

Also, after following King Marciais and James for a long time, he knew the origin of the Herstellen Art and how terrifying it


He wanted to use this chance to ask Thea for the Herstellen Art.

“Mom,” called Hetsema sweetly. “Since we have nothing to do now, why don’t you teach me the Herstellen Art?”

Thea frowned as she answered, “It’s not that I don’t want to teach you, but you have to comprehend the Herstellen Art

yourself. The Herstellen Art is mysterious. It’s similar to the Karma Path. It can’t be taught. You can only comprehend it


“Let me see the Endlos Light then. I want to study it for some time.” Hetsema reached out.

Without hesitation, Thea summoned the Endlos Light in her body and gave it to Hetsema.

James said nothing about this.

He wanted to study Thea’s Endlos Light too, but if he used his current identity to ask for it, Thea would reject him.

He needed to return to the Orstellen Sect and recover his identity before asking Thea for the Endlos Light and studying it.

Besides, he also wanted to invite Wyot. He wanted to gather all three Endlos Lights and study the complete Herstellen Art.

The Herstellen Art was strange. Even if it were complete, if three people studied it together, they would comprehend

different things.

Time passed.

More living beings appeared in the area.

‘That is King Marciais and Saint Zuriel.”

‘Thea is also here.”

When the group of living beings appeared, they saw King Marciais, James, and the others.

They stood and watched from afar.

In the blink of an eye, the day of the battle arrived.

At this time, a man walked over. His aura was powerful. His powerful aura dispersed the black mist in the area. The Dark

World instantly turned bright. Countless mountains, rivers, and grounds, which were destroyed, appeared.

“He’s here.”

‘Taran has arrived.”

“It’s the battle of the strongest.”

“Whoever wins will be the number one powerhouse in the world and will initiate a whole new era.”


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