The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5056

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5056-Taran appeared.

Countless gazes were watching the situation below.

When Taran appeared, the aura he exuded dispersed the darkness of the world.

Standing in the void, he stared at King Marciais in the distance.

With his hands behind him, he said calmly, “King Marciais, I’ve come to battle as scheduled.” Slowly, King Marciais stood up.

“It’s starting.” James was excited.

Looking at Thea beside him, he said, “Focus on the battle.

Try to comprehend the battle.

Currently, both of them have the strongest combat power in Endlos.

King Marciais’ Divine Martial Art and Taran’s Curse Magic are both extremely magical.” “Of course.” Thea rolled her eyes.

She knew that this battle was a battle of the strongest.

Perhaps other living beings would not understand the battle and comprehend something from it, but she was in the Chaos Completare Rank.

Her cultivation rank was high.

She could comprehend something from the battle.

The living beings waiting to watch the battle were looking forward to the battle.

Meanwhile, James found a place near the battlefield.

He wanted to use this opportunity to watch the battle to comprehend paths and fuse his signature skills.

He wanted to assimilate them into the formation and integrate everything.

The two powerhouses stood in the void.

Both of their auras were powerful.

“It’s a mere duel, not a life-or-death battle.” King Marciais smiled.

Then, he entered the state of the peak of the Fourteenth Rank of the Marciais Path and made a gesture.

When he entered the Fourteenth Rank of the Marciais Path, his Spiritual Power reached its extreme.

A dazzling halo appeared.

It was a halo that was made up of many colors.

It reflected the physical body, soul, blood vein, and other powers reaching their extreme.

Facing the powerful King Marciais, Taran did not act recklessly.

He activated his cultivation method.

In his body, a great power surged.

With the power, his sleeves puffed up.

He waved his hand.

A strong power emerged in his puffed-up sleeves.

The power charged forward.

In the process of moving forward, it turned into countless inscriptions.

Every inscription was mysterious.

Each of them contained a strong power.

When the inscriptions appeared before King Marciais, they turned into power again.

James watched the situation without blinking.

He had learned Curse Magic before.

Although he did not learn it completely, his comprehension of inscriptions was profound.

When Taran attacked, James seemed to have understood the inscriptions contained in Taran’s power.

In his mind, the inscriptions flashed by.

King Marciais was calm in the face of Taran’s attack.

He remained standing in the same spot.

When the terrifying power appeared before him, he raised his hand and flicked his finger.

All of his Spiritual Powers fused.

With a flick, they blocked Taran’s attack.

The next instant, King Marciais made a move.

His body disappeared all of a sudden.

When he appeared again, he was already in front of Taran.

Raising his hand, he punched Taran’s body.

He appeared abruptly and quickly.

Nonetheless, Taran could react in time.

He did not dodge the attack.

Instead, he raised his hand and resisted it.

Boom! Both fists collided.

The two powers intertwined with one another.

King Marciais changed his attack and struck once again.

Taran fought back.

Both of their shadows continuously collided with each other.

Each time they collided, something would fall apart.

The void was cracking endlessly.

The average powerhouses dared not go near them.

They could only judge the battle by sensing its aftermath.

They dared not use their Zen to penetrate the battle.

The aftermath of the battle was already terrifying, hence if their Zen penetrated the battle, they would be annihilated immediately.

Only a few living beings could watch the battle nearby.

They were James, Thea, Zaden, and Wyot.

None of them wanted to miss out on this battle.

The battle was intense.

Soon, Taran fell behind.

“Taran’s at a disadvantage.

He’s weaker than King Marciais.” Thea could see each of their attacks clearly.


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