The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5057

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5057-Sitting with his legs crossed, James said, “It isn’t that easy.

King Marciais cultivates martial arts.

His physical body is strong.

His Supernatural Powers are mostly on his fists and legs.

Besides, the power of martial arts is pure.

In terms of power, he’s at an advantage.

However, Taran has mastered the Curse Magic.

He’s using his weakness to fight against King Marciais’ strength.” James was not wrong.

Taran was using his weakness to fight against King Marciais’ strength.

Boom! The battlefield exploded once again.

The entire area was destroyed.

Taran was blown away.

His arms were numb.

Cracks also appeared on his arms.

His physical body and power could not beat King Marciais.

Taking the opportunity to step backward, he appeared in the distance.

When he stabilized himself, he waved his hand, and many inscriptions instantly appeared.

Each inscription was mysterious and contained a terrifying power.

The inscriptions underwent constant transformations.

Then, they grouped and formed a black armor.

The black armor covered Taran’s body.

The armor made by inscriptions was similar to real armor.

After Taran wore the armor, his defense improved.

Right then, in the distance, a Five Finger Mountain landed.

“Break,” said Taran.

With a flick of his fingers, an inscription emerged.

The inscription underwent an instant change.

It turned into a dazzling longsword.

The longsword attacked the Five Finger Mountain.

Boom! The longsword struck the Five Finger Mountain.

The Five Finger Mountain instantly shattered into broken stones.

The stones changed quickly.

They turned into several runes.

From the runes, a figure walked out.

It was King Marciais.

King Marciais appeared abruptly.

At the next moment, he was already behind Taran.

The power of martial arts gathered in his palms before he attacked.

Taran turned around and fought back.

At that moment, a few inscriptions emerged in his palm.

The inscriptions grouped and formed a halo.

King Marciais’ attack landed on the halo.

The halo was destroyed.

King Marciais’ body continued moving forward.

His palm landed on Taran’s body.

Nonetheless, Taran was agile.

King Marciais did not manage to hit him.

When Taran disappeared, the void collapsed.

Immediately, the void cracked, and a black hole appeared.

Taran appeared at the same spot.

At this time, a Curse Inscription appeared before him.

The inscription was strange.

It was only an inscription, but it turned into a formation.

In an instant, the formation engulfed King Marciais.

In the formation, King Marciais felt the spatial pressure.

Hundreds of millions of times of spatial pressure was crushing his body.

His speed immediately decreased.

He wanted to get out of the formation, but no matter where he went, the formation would follow him.

King Marciais’ body was resisting the huge pressure.

Cracks appeared on his body, which he was proud of.

His internal organs were also injured.

Blood seeped out of his mouth.

Raising his head, he stared at the formation deduced by an inscription and wiped away the blood on his mouth.

As he clenched his fists, veins popped up on his arms.

At this moment, a power surged in his body.

The power flowed quickly with his meridians and gathered in his fists.

“Break.” His body went against the grain.

A terrifying Martial Path Power surged in his fists.

It was the power of the Divine Martial Art.

The power was like a dragon shooting up the sky.

The formation cast by Taran broke instantly.

When King Marciais broke the formation, he appeared behind Taran out of nowhere.

His fists landed on Taran.

Crack! Taran’s armor immediately cracked.


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