The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5058

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5058-The armor on Taran’s body cracked, but it was not completely broken.

A part of King Marciais’ body entered Taran’s body via the cracks.

Taran’s physical body suffered from the power of King Marciais’ attack.

Wounds appeared on the surface of his skin.

His inner body also suffered from a blow.

Due to the power, the blood in his body became chaotic.

He tried to suppress the surging of his blood but failed.

The blood reached his throat, and he spat it out.

King Marciais had used the power of the Marciais Path and his cultivation rank.

He was in the Fourteenth Rank of the Marciais Path and at the peak of the Chaos Completare Rank.

Both combined were hard to defeat.

Even though Taran was also at the peak of the Chaos Completare Rank, he still suffered from injuries.

Taran, who was injured, stumbled backward and appeared in the distance.

Meanwhile, King Marciais went after him.

His body disappeared.

When he appeared again, he was already in front of Taran.

Ina flash, countless shadows appeared in the area.

Each shadow attacked Taran fiercely.

The shadows flashed continuously.

Each time they flashed, Taran would be hit by a powerful attack.

Even though the armor on Taran’s body was magical and hada terrifying defense, cracks appeared on the armor endlessly because of King Marciais’ attacks.

In the end, the armor was gone.

Without the protection of the armor, Taran’s body became a target.

In an instant, his body was covered in injuries.

In the distance, many powerhouses saw the scene.

They were all worried about Taran.

King Marciais’ attacks were terrifying.

If his opponent were another living being, they might not even be able to resist a punch.

Zaden also sensed the power of King Marciais’ attacks.

He admitted that he could not take King Marciais’ punch.

If King Marciais had used this power previously and landed a single punch on Zaden, Zaden’s body would have collapsed.

His soul would also suffer from severe injuries.

Thea was also deep in thought.

She was weighing King Marciais’ power.

She believed that she could not resist King Marciais’ attack.

On the battlefield, Taran’s body was covered in wounds.

Blood kept seeping out of his mouth.

Then, his body disintegrated before disappearing.

At the next moment, his body reshaped in the distance.

The moment his body rematerialized, his injuries began to recover.

Calmly, he stood in the void, looking at King Marciais, who was formed by several shadows, in the distance.

With a smile, he said, “What a strong Martial Path Power.

You managed to cultivate such a pure power to this extent.

You’re amazing.” King Marciais’ ability was acknowledged and admired by Taran.

King Marciais smiled and said, “As someone who could fight against Emperor Raiah before Endlos, you must not have shown your full ability.

If you’re only this strong, you couldn’t have been Emperor Raiah’s opponent.” Although this was the first time King Marciais and Taran were fighting against each other, King Marciais knew Taran was not showing his true strength.

“ Hah! ” Taran laughed.

At this moment, a strange power emerged from his body.

Instantly, his aura changed.

His aura was uncanny.

When he exuded his aura, several powerhouses in the distance felt uneasy.

Even Thea and Wyot were shocked.

They felt a strange power sweep across them.

After being affected by the power, the powerhouses had some negative reactions.

Nevertheless, they could get rid of the reactions easily.

“The true Curse Power.” James grew excited as he said, “It’s here.

The real battle has begun.” Standing in the void, Taran used his true Curse Power.

His aura became extremely powerful and strange.

He stood in the void and became an existence that could not be looked at directly.

It was as if one glance at him would taint one with the curse and produce a negative effect.

When King Marciais saw Taran in this state, his expression became serious.

Taran stood in the void with one hand behind his back.

He waved his other hand, and a terrifying inscription appeared.

The inscription was mysterious, profound, and ever-changing.


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