The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5059

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5059-Once the inscription appeared, his Curse Power surged.

King Marciais, who was on the battlefield, was affected by the power of the inscription.

Under the influence of the power, the blood in his body slowed down.

He felt his power being confined.

Swoosh! At this moment, a black longsword appeared out of nowhere.

The sword appeared before King Marciais and was charging toward him.

King Marciais raised his hand, and a pure Martial Path Power emerged in his palm.

The Martial Path Power materialized and blocked the black sword.

When the Martial Path Power blocked the sword, countless black swords rained from the sky.

The swords were deduced by an inscription.

The aura King Marciais exuded skyrocketed.

His aura increased, and he resisted the descending swords.

The black swords dissipated and disappeared in an instant.

“Destroy,” said Taran in a cold voice.

His words were like a law.

After that, a terrifying power filled the area.

The space King Marciais was in collapsed immediately.

A large black hole appeared.

King Marciais, who was in the black hole, instantly suffered from injuries.

His body disappeared and reappeared in another place.

When he reappeared, the space continued to collapse.

He kept dodging.

Wherever he went would turn into ruins.

Taran continued to attack.

All kinds of inscriptions appeared, including Curse Inscriptions that could weaken one’s power, seal spaces, and make one’s power disappear.

Several kinds of inscriptions appeared.

With his Curse Power, even King Marciais fell into a predicament and was injured.

It was an exciting battle.

It was the first time Taran showcased such strange Curse Magic in front of the public.

King Marciais, who was strong, also could not resist the Curse Magic.

He was not in good condition.

He wanted to fight against Taran up close.

However, he was surrounded by Curse Inscriptions.

He was trapped by the inscriptions.

He could not break free in a short time.

Besides, Taran was strong and agile.

He did not let King Marciais get close to him.

King Marciais’ hair was messy, and blood was at the edges of his mouth.

He was in a bad condition.

At this time, the meridians in his body became chaotic.

His blood veins and powers were going backward.

Following the reversal of his blood veins and power, his aura became powerful and violent.

When the violent power appeared, the Curse Inscriptions around him were destroyed.

“What a violent power.” James was stunned as he mumbled, “Is this the power King Marciais said that can’t be controlled entirely? Once used, even he could not control it.” James watched King Marciais’ every move and the changes in his body.

James sensed King Marciais’ blood veins and powers moving backward.

At this moment, heaven and earth seemed to have swapped positions.

Time and history seemed to be reversing.

“What kind of Supernatural Power is this?” James frowned.


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