The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5060

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5060-King Marciais’ aura reached its extreme.

His eyes turned red.

It was as if he had gone mad.

When Taran saw King Marciais in this state, he frowned.

King Marciais gave him a sense of danger.

Now, it was no longer an average battle but a life-or-death battle.

Taran wanted to stop the battle, but upon facing King Marciais in this state, he wanted to test King Marciais’ power.

Standing in the void, he exuded Curse Power.

Thankfully, they were in the Dark World.

If they were in a district in Endlos, the Curse Power Taran exuded would be enough to affect all living beings in the district and the living beings’ future generations.

Once the living beings were affected by the Curse Power, they would be affected forever.

“Huff!” Taran took a deep breath.

He decided not to hold back anymore.

He displayed the last rank of his Curse Art, which was the highest cultivation rank of Curse Magic he comprehended.

His aura changed again.

He seemed to have turned into a kind of ancient mysterious inscription from a living being.

James stared at Taran without turning away.

Under James’ watch, Taran’s life aura seemed to have disappeared.

It was as though Taran had become an inscription.

The inscription was complex and ever-changing.

Taran stood in the void as his body turned transparent.

The meridians, blood, bones, and flesh in his body seemed to be inscriptions.

Currently, Taran’s aura was not weaker than King Marciais’.

In fact, it was stronger than the latter’s.

“Amazing.” James could not help but be shocked.

He said, “He managed to cultivate the Curse Magic to this cultivation rank.

He has become one with the inscriptions.

No wonder he could fight against Emperor Raiah for domination.” Now, the battle had upgraded.

King Marciais and Taran had both shown their true powers.

These were their true powers.

The previous battle was a spar, letting the two study one another, and a warmup.

However, the power showcased in the previous battle was already at the pinnacle.

James watched King Marciais and Taran.

King Marciais was also standing in the void.

His blood veins and powers were moving backward.

A terrifying power surged in his body.

The power affected everything.

His hair was messy, and his eyes were red.

He seemed to have gone mad.

Judging from his state, King Marciais was crazy.

On the other hand, Taran was calm and relaxed.

King Marciais’ power and aura were violent.

Even though Taran’s aura was uncanny, it was stable.

In terms of comprehensive power, Taran was slightly better.

Nevertheless, King Marciais was only in the state of the Fourteenth Rank of the Marciais Path.

James did not know if King Marciais had comprehended the Fifteenth Rank of the Marciais Path.

James wondered if he could see the fifteenth form of the Marciais Path in this battle.

At this time, King Marciais made a move.

Along with his movements, heaven and earth seemed to have flipped.

Instantly, he appeared before Taran and punched him.

When he punched Taran, countless visions appeared.

A terrifying punch landed.

Facing this punch, Taran was calm.

He slightly raised his hand.

When he raised his hand, his arm turned into inscriptions.

The inscriptions reshaped endlessly, forming a strong power.

Boom! Two fists collided.

Two strong powers collided once.

King Marciais stumbled backward.

On the other hand, Taran stood in the same spot.

He was as still as a mountain.

At this moment, King Marciais launched an attack again.

Nevertheless, under the influence of the curse, his speed decreased.

Then, a black longsword appeared before Taran.

The sword was formed by inscriptions.

It contained a terrifying power.


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