The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5061

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5061-The sword swiftly approached King Marciais.

Just as the sword was about to strike him, it began to crumble from the tip under the influence of his Divine Martial Art.

James kept his eyes fixed on the distant battle.

Even as the aftermath of the intense and terrifying battle unfolded before him, it had no effect on him.

In this battle, he witnessed both the ultimate Curse Magic and the Divine Martial Art being brought to their pinnacle.

Boom! Another clash occurred.

King Marciais was pushed back and coughed up blood.

The space collapsed around him as his body withdrew, and numerous inscriptions constantly affected him.

Under the destructive power of these Curse Inscriptions, he could not resist, even though he had unleashed the Final Rank of the Divine Martial Art and possessed formidable strength.

Cracks began to appear on his flesh.

At this point, he showed signs of defeat.

“King Marciais is still slightly weaker.” Up to this point in the battle, James had noticed something.

If King Marciais did not possess a signature cultivation method, Taran would likely win this fight.

Just as James thought Taran had won, King Marciais’ aura and power transformed.

His chaotic breath and wild strength both became stable.

His blood-red eyes gradually returned to normal.

“This?” James stood up.

“The Fifteenth Rank of the Marciais Path?” His face showed amazement as he observed the transformation of King Marciais.

“you?” Taran’s face shifted from calm to surprised as well.

“Hehe.” King Marciais chuckled.

“Taran Zach, thank you so much.

I’ve never been able to fully unleash the highest rank of the Divine Martial Art.

I could only control the ultimate Martial Path Power by reversing my Blood Energy and strength.

I’ve also been unable to break through the Fifteenth Rank of the Marciais Path.

A long time ago, I knew I needed a battle to reach the Fifteenth Rank of the Marciais Path and perfect my Divine Martial Art, but I never had the opportunity.” Taran’s face twitched as he replied, “Did you use me for practice to break through the rank?” At this moment, King Marciais looked relaxed.

He opened his arms, exuding the supreme of the Martial Path Power all over his body.

“Now, let me encounter your Curse Magic.” Previously, King Marciais had given his all, but he could not withstand the Curse Magic.

Now he was confident.

“T don’t want to continue to fight,” Taran said, dispelling his own aura.

“Continuing this battle would make it difficult to determine a winner.” After the battle, Taran had an understanding of King Marciais’ strength.

King Marciais’ Divine Martial Art was not perfected, and Taran believed he could defeat, or even kill King Marciais.

However, at the Fifteenth Rank of the Marciais Path, King Marciais, with perfected Martial Path, was extremely powerful, and determining a winner would require a fight to the death.

This was the first time Taran had used his perfected Curse Magic.

He had not even used the ultimate Curse Magic when he was surrounded by dozens of powerhouses in the Chaos Arena.

For the first time, he did not defeat King Marciais using the ultimate Curse Magic but instead helped King Marciais break through the rank.

Taran did not want to fight, and King Marciais did not insist.

His main purpose for coming out this time had already been achieved, and having the title of “Endlos First” did not matter to him.

His desire and pursuit of the Martial Path were the reasons he challenged powerhouses from various factions.

Unfortunately, the other few Chaos Completare Rank powerhouses were too weak to make him go all out.

“This might be the best outcome of the battle.” James smiled.


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