The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5062

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5062-The epic battle came to an end, and in this battle, there was no clear winner.

If one had to choose, it would be King Marciais, because he took the opportunity during this battle to reach the Fifteenth Rank of the Marciais Path and master the Divine Martial Art completely.

Taran stood with his hands behind his back, watching King Marciais in silence.

He uttered no words.

His body seemed to move slowly as he drifted away into the void.

However, he had already disappeared by the time the distant living beings regained their senses.

“Keep the invitation card for the Orstellen Convention,” King Marciais said as he conjured an invitation card, and it disappeared along with Taran.

King Marciais approached James.

“Saint Zuriel, it’s settled,” he said with a carefree smile.

James gave him a thumbs-up.

“Impressive.” “Just so-so,” King Marciais replied, in a good mood after his breakthrough.

Hetsema appeared in time to offer some praise.

“Sir Marciais, you’re amazing,” he exclaimed.

“Although this battle didn’t have a clear outcome, in my eyes, Taran surrendered.

He feared your Fifteenth Rank of the Marciais Path and the Divine Martial Art.” Hetsema’s flattery was well-received, and King Marciais appreciated it.

“Let’s go back,” King Marciais said, stretching his muscles.

“This trip wasn’t in vain.

I’ve finally broken through the rank, and now I can easily break the seal inside me.” With that, he walked forward.

“Can I go back to the Human Race now?” Thea asked.

“I’ve been running with you through Endlos.

I don’t know what you want me to do.” Thea was truly confused.

She had been forced to follow, but neither King Marciais nor James troubled her along the way.

Moreover, King Marciais had even taken James’ son as his disciple.

“You can do as you please,” King Marciais said indifferently.

Then, his gaze landed on James.

James said, “Thea, perhaps you shouldn’t rush back to the Human Race just yet.

Let’s visit the Orstellen Sect.

The Orstellen Convention is a rare gathering, and you might want to see it.” At this point, many members of the Human Race had appeared.

They did not leave because Thea and Hetsema were here.

“Mom,” Winnie and others appeared and greeted Thea.


Marciais,” Yardos showed great respect.

He held King Marciais in high regard, especially since King Marciais had bestowed him with a boon.

The Ancestral Blood Master, Henrik, Jabari, Soren, and other powerhouses of the Human Race were present.

“Mom, are you alright?” Jacopo asked, then looked at Hetsema and said, “What’s going on with him? How did he become King Marciais’ disciple?” Thea smiled and replied, “I’m fine.

As for Hetsema, we ran into him and brought him along when we went to Mount Hetsema earlier.

As for becoming a disciple, it has nothing to do with me.

He chose to become one on his own.” Hetsema did not pay any attention to these so-called siblings.

He did not even look at them and responded with a cold hum upon seeing them, showing no warmth in his expression.

“Alright, the battle is over.

You all have no business staying here.

Go back to the Human Universe,” James ordered, signaling for them to leave.

The Human Race members turned their attention to James.

They did not hold much goodwill toward Saint Zurie because he wanted to marry their mother.

“Wyot Dalibor,” James shouted when he saw Wyot in the distance.

Wyot had intended to leave, but he appeared in front of James when he heard the latter call.

James smiled and said, “Now that we have all three Endlos Lights, should we find a place to study the true method of the Herstellen Art?” Wyot looked at James.

He still had no clue of the Herstellen Sect.

The Endlos Lights were treasures containing the ultimate mysteries of the universe, and he could not casually share them.

He calmly said, “The Endlos Light must not fall into the hands of those with impure intentions.”


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