The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5063

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5063-After speaking, Wyot looked at Hetsema and said, “Since you’ve become King Marciais’ disciple, focus on your cultivation.” With those words, he disappeared from the crowd.

The other powerhouses refrained from approaching King Marciais and chose to observe from a distance.

“Saint Zuriel, what should we do?” King Marciais looked at James and asked, “Should we let Thea go or bring her to the Orstellen Sect?” James blinked, torn between revealing his true identity and seeking King Marciais’ opinion, as he had made a promise to him.

“No,” King Marciais immediately understood his intention and refused.

“Why?” James was puzzled.

‘Just for fun,” King Marciais replied with a smile.

“Alright, you’re ruthless,” James did not press further and turned to Thea, saying, “You can return to the Human Universe, but I hope to see you at the Orstellen Convention.

I’ll have a surprise for you then.” Hearing this, Thea looked at James, puzzled.

James chuckled and said, “Actually, I know James’ whereabouts.

The reason I wanted to take you to the Orstellen Sect was primarily for you to meet him.

Since you won’t be following me there, your only option is to participate in the Orstellen Convention.” “James? Really?” Thea’s excitement surged.

“Ves, » “Is he at the Orstellen Sect?” “Ahem, ahem.” King Marciais cleared his throat softly.

James refrained from continuing on the topic.

With a helpless expression, he looked at King Marciais and said, “Alright, let’s go.” “Tl go with you.” Thea decided to follow them to the Orstellen Sect after learning about James’ whereabouts.

She had been with them for quite some time, and they had not given her any trouble, so she did not have much to worry about.

Thea looked at Jacopo and the others, then said, “Come along too.” “Okay.” Jacopo and the rest nodded respectfully.

King Marciais smiled and then walked away.

They headed toward the Presta District quickly.

The battle had concluded in a draw, but its impact was so profound that it affected all of the Ten Districts.

The battle became a widely circulated story, even earning a place in history as one of the most spectacular battles of all time.

King Marciais and others returned to Te’oma Village.

Te’oma Village ceased to exist as the villagers no longer hid their identities or lived in seclusion.

Instead, they chose to announce their presence to the world.

The village was replaced by the Orstellen Sect.

James could not contain his excitement as they approached the Orstellen Sect.

He eagerly anticipated Thea’s reaction once she saw him in person.

As they approached the sect, King Marciais said, “Everyone, please note that the Orstellen Convention has not yet commenced, so we are unable to enter the Orstellen Sect.

Let’s find accommodations in one of the nearby universes.” “King Marciais, I…” James began to speak.

“What? Let’s go back,” King Marciais interrupted, pulling James away, and they vanished from the view of the humans.

In the next moment, they appeared at the entrance of the Orstellen Sect.

“What are you doing? I’m still waiting to reunite with Thea,” James said.

“It’s not the right time for that,” King Marciais replied calmly.

“why?” James asked, puzzled.


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