The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5064

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5064-James wondered why King Marciais still would not allow him to reveal his true identity even though they had returned to the Orstellen Sect.

King Marciais looked at James, who appeared puzzled, and asked, “In your perspective, what do you consider the most crucial aspect of cultivation?” Without hesitation, James responded, “It mainly depends on talent, followed by the Cultivation Heart.

Only with an unwavering Cultivation Heart can one advance further on the path of cultivation.” “Correct,” King Marciais agreed.

“Talent is important, but so is the Cultivation Heart.

Your eagerness to reunite with Thea at this moment indicates that your mental fortitude may not be stable and you might be a bit impatient.” At these words, James rolled his eyes and said, “It’s not the same thing.” “It’s the same,” King Marciais said earnestly.

“In the pursuit of the Martial Path’s perfection and greatness, mental fortitude is crucial.

You must not be hasty no matter what you encounter, and you seem quite impatient right now.” James had no response to this.

“Don’t be in a hurry.” King Marciais smiled and said, “The Orstellen Sect has many Empyrean herbs.

For now, you should enter closed-door meditation.

You can do whatever you want after participating in the Orstellen Convention.

Oh, and…” He changed the subject, saying, “Think carefully about what I said.” With that, he entered the Orstellen Sect’s entrance, and James followed suit.

In the Apex Main Hall of the Orstellen Sect, an elder sat at the forefront, and several Orstellen Sect members were present.

They were all former villagers of Te’oma Village, but they had changed their attire and no longer appeared simple.

Instead, they exuded an aura of transcendence.

“Sir Cray.” King Marciais approached with clasped hands.

Despite his high position within the Orstellen Sect, he displayed great respect when addressing the Patriarch.

The Patriarch of the Orstellen Sect, who was also recognized as the village chief of Te’oma Village, bore the real name Cray Fiadh.

In the former Orstellen Sect, he held the position of Great Elder.

During the first invasion by the Extraterrestrial Demon, many of the sect’s powerhouses had perished.

Afterward, the saintess, also known as Lady Tehila, restored the heavens and left, leaving Cray to take over the role of Patriarch.

“How did things go?” Cray asked.

King Marciais replied, “It’s done.

The invitations have been sent out, and now the Ten Districts know about the Orstellen Convention.” “Very good.” Cray nodded gently.

King Marciais continued, “Throughout this Endlos Journey, James ’ true identity has been verified.

He is indeed the human James.

His soul has fully merged with the physical body formed by the Koloretsua Stone.

His strength has reached the pinnacle of the Chaos Omnia Rank, merely one step away from the Chaos Essencia Rank.

Within our sect, we possess many Empyrean herbs that can assist him in reaching the Chaos Essencia Rank.” “Hmm.” Cray nodded slightly.

“You can handle these matters.

Besides, he is already our sect’s Saint Zuriel.

Whether or not he stands out in the convention, he is entitled to consume the sect’s Empyrean herbs.” King Marciais provided a brief account of the Endlos Journey, while James did not accompany him into the main hall.

At that moment, James had taken up residence on a spiritual mountain within the Orstellen Sect.

Seated on a boulder at the edge of the mountain’s cliff, he felt a gentle breeze ruffle his long hair, occasionally obscuring his view.

He pondered on the words spoken by King Marciais, questioning whether he was genuinely impatient and unable to calm his mind.

“what are you thinking?” King Marciais appeared and sat beside him.

“Nothing.” James snapped out of his thoughts.

King Marciais smiled and said, “This spiritual mountain was once the residence of the saintess.

You’re familiar with her.

She refined the Koloretsua Stone to restore the heavens, and she’s known as Lady Tehila.” “Oh?” James was slightly surprised.

He had not known that this spiritual mountain was once the residence of Lady Tehila.

“This spiritual mountain has a herb garden with many rare Empyrean herbs.

You should go and pick some for your cultivation.

Once you reach the Fourteenth Rank of the Marciais Path, I’ll teach you the highest rank of the Divine Martial Art I possess, known as Martial Stillness.

Martial, as in martial arts,” King Marciais said.


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