The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5065

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5065-“Stillness, as in mental fortitude,” King Marciais clarified.

“In the past, I was too impatient, which consistently impeded my progress toward mastering the pinnacle of Divine Martial Art.

It wasn’t until I was defeated by Xeraiah and spent countless eons on the back mountain that I truly comprehended it.

I hope to spare you from wandering down too many convoluted paths.

You’ll grasp all of this when you genuinely fathom the Divine Martial Art.” King Marciais stood and patted James on the shoulder, saying, “ Cultivation is an endless journey.

Beyond the Chaos Completare Rank lies the Sovereign Rank.

The Marciais Path within the Divine Martial Art I established only extends to the Chaos Completare Rank.

In my estimation, if you can attain the Sixteenth Rank of the Marciais Path, it should be on par with the Sovereign Rank.

I have great expectations for you.

I hope you can surpass my accomplishments.” With these parting words, King Marciais vanished from James’ view.

“The Sovereign Rank?” James gazed at the distant mountains and rivers.

The higher the cultivation base, the more the knowledge, the more profound the mysteries of the world.

He had once believed that humans on Earth were the sole life form.

Then, he came to accept the existence of a single universe.

Subsequently, twelve universes unfolded.

Later on, the Dark World emerged, followed by the Greater Realms.

However, he now understood that the Greater Realms were merely a single district among many.

Now, there were the Endlos’ Ten Districts.

However, they did not represent the true boundaries of the cosmos.

Beyond them lay an expansive Dark World, and beyond the Dark World, even more formidable Extraterrestrial Demons existed.

Powerhouses like Lady Tehila and Emperor Raiah had ventured into the worlds where Extraterrestrial Demons resided.

James held a strong belief that, sooner or later, he too would followin their footsteps and explore the realms beyond the Endlos into a wider world.

“Phew!” He drew a deep breath and cleared his mind of distractions, ceasing to dwell on Thea or external concerns.

Standing up, he sensed the presence of the herb garden and proceeded toward it, gathering the Empyrean herbs.

Subsequently, he made his way toward the back mountain.

There was an isolated manor in the back mountain.

James arrived at the front of it, pushed open the gate, and entered the courtyard.

In the courtyard, several magical trees were planted, and aswing was positioned nearby.

In a trance, James appeared to see a pure- hearted girl seated on the swing, her laughter harmonizing with its gentle swaying.

After a brief moment of astonishment, he proceeded toward the house at the front of the manor.

He pushed open the door.

The room was spacious, devoid of any furnishings, with only a grassy meadow.

Even though this room had not been inhabited by living beings for many years, it remained untainted.

James walked over, settled into a lotus position on the meadow, and then waved his hand to establish a time formation around the courtyard.

However, he did not rush to absorb the Empyrean herbs for cultivation, nor did he hasten to ascend to the Chaos Essencia Rank, enhance his bloodline power, or attain the Fourteenth Rank of the Marciais Path.

He reflected on his life, from the fire to this Endlos Journey.

All of his past experiences floated through his mind, and many people he had held in his memories for a long time also appeared in his recollections.

Recalling the past felt like reliving one’s life, experiencing it once more.

It was only at this moment that James began to grasp the meaning of King Marciais’ words.

He started to approach the threshold of Martial Stillness.


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