The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5066

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5066-Reflecting on his own life, James’ mental fortitude improved once again.

He had already approached the threshold mentioned by King Marciais, but truly attaining King Marciais’ level of mental fortitude would demand more time and effort.

Next, James began to seclude himself for cultivation.

He started absorbing the Empyrean herbs to enhance his strength, realm, and bloodline power.

Throughout this period, he remained vigilant in his thoughts.

In his thoughts, the scene of King Marciais’ battle with Taran replayed constantly.

This battle had served as a profound source of inspiration for him.

Time flew by, and after absorbing a substantial quantity of Empyrean herbs, James’ realm had advanced to the Chaos Essencia Rank, and his bloodline had undergone improvement.

Witnessing the battle between King Marciais and Taran had afforded him profound insights.

After his bloodline had improved, he easily comprehended the Omniscience Path, which was the fourteenth rank of the Marciais Path.

Now, he had attained the fourteenth rank of the Marciais Path, and his realm had reached the Chaos Essencia Rank.

His physical body had attained the strength of the Chaos Completare Rank, and his soul had reached the same rank.

This period of seclusion had significantly enhanced his strength with ease.

However, he did not emerge from his seclusion immediately.

Above his head, a mysterious formation materialized.

It hada peculiar design, featuring a phantom figure sitting in a lotus position atop it.

Beneath the formation, another phantom sat ina lotus position, and these phantoms moved up and down.

While the central formation collected numerous cryptic inscriptions, it seemed motionless but was, in fact, undergoing countless subtle changes every second.

This formation was a fusion of countless signature martial art skills that James had mastered over time, as well as an amalgamation of numerous enigmatic inscriptions.

At this moment, the formation began to rotate, and as it turned, the inscriptions on it continuously changed.

In a trance, the formation appeared to expand by a circle.

James was merging them.

Having observed King Marciais’ battle with Taran and gained profound insights, he endeavored to merge all of his Supernatural Signature Skills.

As he experimented, the formation began to tremble and underwent significant alterations.

The aura of the phantom figures above and below the formation abruptly intensified.

They seemed to acquire a degree of substance, and one could faintly discern the inscriptions taking on a physical form.

“Is the phantom figure formed from inscriptions?” James felt a moment of astonishment as he sensed the changes in the figures.

Initially, they had appeared ethereal and unreal, but now, he could discern some of the inscription lines within them.

However, after pondering this question deeply for a while, he could not quite figure it out.

Eventually, he chose not to dwell on it further and dispersed the figures with a thought.

He stood up from the meadow, stretched his muscles, and wore a contented smile on his face.

This Endlos Journey had brought him many gains, and his strength had significantly improved during this period of seclusion.

He was now just one realm away from reaching the pinnacle of the Chaos Completare Rank.

He now possessed the most powerful signature martial art skill in the Endlos.

In terms of strength, he could easily rank in the top three within the Endlos’ Ten Districts, with only King Marciais and Taran potentially surpassing him.

Other powerhouses at the Chaos Completare Rank were no match for him, even though he had not yet entered that realm.

James was in a good mood.

He dispelled the time formation in this place, opened the door, and walked out of the room.

“It seems you’ve made good progress,” a voice rang out as soon as James stepped out, and immediately, a man appeared.

He was none other than King Marciais.

King Marciais was dressed in a white robe, his beard had been shaved, and his long hair had been meticulously groomed.

He looked youthful and dignified.

“King Marciais,” James greeted him with a smile.

“It’s not bad at all.

I’ve entered the Chaos Essencia Rank and reached the fourteenth rank of the Marciais Path.

Now, can you give me some guidance on the Divine Martial Art?” James had always been eager to learn the Divine Martial Art, but its cultivation requirements were extremely high, and only those who reached the fourteenth rank of the Marciais Path could truly comprehend it.

“Sure,” King Marciais agreed to James’ request.

“Follow me,” he added before vanishing from his spot.

James followed suit, and in the next moment, they found themselves in the Endlos Void, devoid of any universes.


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