The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5067

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5067-King Marciais stood in the Endlos Void with his hands folded behind his back, while James watched him intently.

“IT want to test your strength,” King Marciais said with a smile.

In an instant, he moved in front of James and threw a punch.

Although King Marciais did not use the Blithe Omniscience, his speed remained remarkable.

However, even at this incredible pace, James sensed his movements and swiftly raised his hand to block.

Boom! The collision of two forces generated an explosion in the void.

Nonetheless, the aftermath of their battle did not spread out because both King Marciais and James exerted precise control over their powers, preventing them from radiating outward and, instead, making each other bear the full brunt of their own strength.

King Marciais continued to throw rapid punches, and James responded in kind.

In the Endlos Void, their fists and feet clashed.

No matter how fast King Marciais attacked, James countered each strike calmly.

“Good,” King Marciais exclaimed and instantly ascended to the fifteenth rank of the Marciais Path.

James did not hesitate.

He followed suit, reaching the fourteenth rank of the Marciais Path.

The one-rank difference in their comprehension of the Marciais Path resulted in significant disparities in speed, strength, and reflexes.

Before King Marciais entered the fifteenth rank of the Marciais Path, James could easily defend against his attacks.

Now, he struggled to keep up and quickly found himself at a disadvantage, taking hits to his body.

In a matter of moments, James was injured.

“King Marciais, you’re taking advantage of me.

I’m only at the fourteenth rank of the Marciais Path, and you’re sparring with me at the fifteenth rank,” James complained.

King Marciais paid no attention to his protest.

In the next instant, he appeared behind James, who could not react in time and was struck directly.

“The Martial Path demands a high level of mental fortitude, especially in battle.

The more focused you become, the greater your ability to unleash its true power.

The fusion of body and soul results in heightened reflexes, perception, and agility, where a single move can affect your entire body.

Take this punch, for example.” A devastating punch landed on James.

Crack! James’ back bones shattered instantly.

Despite his body being composed of Koloretsua Stone, renowned for its unparalleled physical resilience, it could not withstand King Marciais’ attack.

“What may appear as a simple punch actually calls upon the power of your entire body, concentrating it into a single point and releasing it in an instant.

At its core, the Martial Path is about discovering that focal point, mastering the art of harnessing your own strength, and compressing it to unleash it in a single moment,” King Marciais continued to explain as he delivered blows.

He was explaining the fundamental knowledge that even an ordinary person without True Energy cultivation could use to unlock incredible strength when performing the basic technique.

He covered everything, from the basics to controlling the bloodline, harnessing the body’s strength, and mastering Soul Power.

His explanations were detailed, and he concluded with the pinnacle of the Martial Path.

“The term ‘Divine’ in the Divine Martial Art represents the ultimate in the Martial Path.

Iam the embodiment of heaven, and the power of the Divine surpasses all other forces.

It’s the culmination of body, bloodline, and Soul Power, a fusion of reaction speed, agility, and insight.

It’s the ultimate power that emerges from your innermost depths.

It’s self-confidence that soars higher than the heavens.

In that moment, your fighting spirit surges, and you will battle against the heavens, the earth, and everything in between.

This is the zenith of the Divine Martial Art.

Despite its apparent simplicity, it is exceptionally challenging.

It demands deep contemplation and thorough study.

It took me countless ages to reach this pinnacle.”


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