The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5076

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5076-Numerous excellent, superb cultivators from across the ten districts had traveled to the Orstellen Sect’s base to attend the event.

The Orstellen Convention was probably the biggest event that was ever held in the history of all ten districts.

Everyone gathered in the square located just outside the Orstellen Sect’s main hall on that day.

The members of the Orstellen Sect were seen standing in a cluster near the entrance of the main hall.

Amongst them, the leader of the Orstellen Sect, Cray Fiadh, was a seasoned cultivator who possessed exceptional, insurmountable powers.

Even King Marciais had expressed his respect for his leader.

King Marciais and James were there as well.

James continued to appear in public places with his real appearance instead of using Saint Zuriel’s appearance.

“Welcome, fellow cultivators.” Cray took a few steps forward.

His voice resounded through the square.

“We have invited all of you to the Orstellen Sect since we are about to unlock the Orstellen Realm.

“The Orstellen Realm was created by Lady Tehila and entrusted to us.

Most of you probably have not heard of her name before.

I will briefly explain who Lady Tehila is and how the Orstellen Sect has come about.” The cultivators were listening intently to Cray.

They were all curious to find out more about the Orstellen Sect’s background.

“When the Endlos had just been created, the world was still plagued by numerous mighty demon lords.

At some point, the extraterrestrial demons managed to make an opening in the Endlos’ barrier and invaded the Endlos.

“Following that, countless cultivators assembled and founded the Orstellen Sect to fight against the extraterrestrial demons.

It was the bloodiest and most arduous battle in the history of Endlos.

Many lives were lost during that time.

“Eventually, Lady Tehila managed to gain enlightenment from the three beams of Endlos Light.

She created the Herstellen Art and produced the Koloretsua Stone from the Endlos Light.

Then, she used them to close up the opening in the Endlos’ barrier and stop the invasion of the extraterrestrial demons.

“That was the end of the extraterrestrial demons’ first invasion.

“After that, Lady Tehila spent her time in a closed-door meditation to study the Herstellen Art in depth.

At long last, she created an even superior secret art that was named the Orstellen Art.” “Lady Tehila left after she had entrusted us with the Orstellen Realm and the Orstellen Art.

The person who could pass the test of the Orstellen Realm would become the new leader of the Orstellen Sect.

That person would also receive the opportunity to learn the Orstellen Art.

There were gasps and murmuts of excitement among the crowd as they listened to Cray’s announcement.

Soon enough, the cultivators fell silent again as Cray went on to share more details about the Orstellen Realm.

“T will explain the rules relating to how you can enter the Orstellen Realm.

“After the Orstellen Realm is unlocked, cultivators will have to conjure a soul form to enter the realm.

It is very dangerous inside the Orstellen Realm.

Lady Tehila created the realm by using the battles that happened during the extraterrestrial demons’ first invasion.

The Orstellen Realm is akin to a real battlefield.

People could be killed under these circumstances.

Therefore, we only allow the soul forms of cultivators to enter the Orstellen Realm.

“Losing a soul form may cause some sort of damage to the actual cultivators themselves.

However, it wouldn’t cost them their lives.

“Lady Tehila hasn’t left any additional information about the Orstellen Realm or how to complete its test.

Participants will have to figure it out yourselves after entering the realm.

“The Orstellen Realm is officially open now! I wish all our fellow cultivators the best of luck!” Cray raised his hand and gave a gentle wave.

A gigantic image was conjured in the air above the Orstellen Sect’s territory.

Everyone could see picturesque landscapes in the image.

Apart from that, clouds of black aura could be spotted in the far background too.

“Everyone, please bear in mind to enter with your soul forms only.

For those who enter with their actual body, the Orstellen Sect will not be held accountable if any accidents happen to you,” Cray reminded them.

Some cultivators had gotten into seated positions and conjured their soul forms to get ready.

As soon as Cray had finished with his announcements, those cultivators’ soul forms teleported toward the image in the air and entered the Orstellen Realm right away.


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