The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5077

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5077-In a flash, thousands of cultivators had entered the Orstellen Realm.

“Are you coming, Zavis?” James looked at King Marciais and asked.

King Marciais heaved a small sigh.

“I wish I get to see what’s inside the Orstellen Realm with my own eyes too.

Unfortunately, Lady Tehila had specified that members of the Orstellen Sect were not allowed to go into the Orstellen Realm before she left.” “Doesn’t that mean that I can’t enter the realm too?!” James furrowed his brows.

“Haha!” King Marciais laughed.

“That rule only applies to old members.

Those who have joined the Orstellen Sect after Lady Tehila left are not bound by it.” James was extremely relieved to hear that.

King Marciais continued, “Good luck with exploring the Orstellen Realm.” James gave a slight nod.

Then, he sat on the ground and conjured a soul form from his body.

His soul form shot toward the image in the sky the next instant.

James entered the Orstellen Realm and arrived somewhere that seemed like a highland area.

Tall, gigantic trees stood in the surrounding mountains.

James released his Zen to check his surroundings.

To his surprise, the Orstellen Realm was so vast that James couldn’t seem to detect the boundaries of the realm with his powers.

He slowly looked around his surroundings.

James was amazed by how real everything seemed to appear in the Orstellen Realm.

Even he would not be able to tell that he was inside an artificial realm if he had no prior knowledge in the first place.

James could detect complete paths and the Greater Paths in the realm.

In addition, he even sensed the existence of the Heavenly Paths.

“Could it be that this isn’t an artificial realm? It might be a world created by Lady Tehila instead…” A small frown marred his handsome features.

Unfortunately, no one could provide James with the answers to the many questions he had.

The only way James could understand the Orstellen Realm better was for him to explore the realm himself.

James teleported and reappeared in a huge, ancient city.

He used his powers to scan through the city.

However, he could not detect any living beings in the area.

Several cultivators in their soul forms had arrived at the city as well.

They were gathered in a corner of the city and discussing what they had observed so far.

“There’s nothing here.” “Exactly! This place seems just like a deserted district.

I couldn’t find a single soul in this place.” James had wandered around the desolate city and came to the same conclusion as those cultivators.

The Orstellen Realm was as large as any of the ten districts.

James surmised that it could even be bigger than some of the districts.

Just then, a swarm of dark auras appeared at the periphery of the district.

As those dark auras appeared to move closer, an immense wave of demonic energy washed over the area.

“What on earth?!” “The Extraterrestrial Demons?” The other cultivators detected the presence of the Extraterrestrial Demons simultaneously.

The presence of the extraterrestrial demons appeared to trigger the onset of a powerful formation.

The entire district was encapsulated by the formation in a matter of seconds.

The Extraterrestrial Demons were instantly blocked outside the formation.

“Do we have to exterminate them to pass the Orstellen Realm’s test?” One of the cultivators asked aloud.


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