The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5083

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5083-James shattered the protective barrier, and his attack landed on Taran’s body.

The impact dented Taran’s flesh.

An injury formed instantly, and the pain spread throughout his body.

“What a surprise.” Taran was startled by the outcome.

He disappeared into the distance and quickly healed the injury.

Taran became serious about the fight.

He waved his hand, anda few inscriptions appeared to form a long black sword.

The sword darted toward James with immense power.

It pierced through the void and appeared before James in the blink of an eye.

James growled, “Break!” He gathered all the strength in his body and struck the void.

A spectral fist immediately shot out and clashed with the black sword.

The long black sword was shattered into inscriptions.

Those spectating were amazed.

“So that’s the power of the Martial Path?” “King Marciais reached the pinnacle of the Martial Path and cultivated Heart Power during his battle against Taran.

Yet, the Grand Priest is displaying the greatest state of the Martial Path.” “Could it be the Grand Priest is stronger than King Marciais?” “King Marciais is the creator of the Marciais Path.

Could the Grand Priest’s achievement in the Mariciais Path really exceed King Marciais?” The powerhouses were confused.

James had displayed terrifying strength.

With the Maricais Path’s fourteenth rank and the power of the Martial Path’s greatest state, he was at the same level asa powerhouse at the Chaos Completare Rank’s peak.

His strength was already impressive, yet he had not even used the power of his cultivation base.

Nobody knew what other tricks the Grand Priest had up his sleeves.

“This battle is going to be interesting.” “T have a feeling Taran will lose to the Orstellen Sect’s Grand Priest.” The spectators were excited to see how the battle would unfold after witnessing James’ strength.

Meanwhile, the black sword that had been shattered into inscriptions quickly merged into a powerful formation.

James was trapped within the formation, and a powerful pressure crushed him.

His body caved to the pressure, and he was pushed downward.

Eventually, his feet made contact with the ground.

Soon, half of his body was buried in the rubble on the ground.

The stones around his body burst from the intense force.

James had already used the power of the Martial Path’s highest state but was still unable to resist the formation.

Despite his circumstance, he grinned and murmured, “Interesting.” At that moment, he unleashed his physical body’s power.

Another powerful force emerged from his body and boosted his strength.

James resisted the pressure and leaped into the air.

Suddenly, a weird-looking geomantic compass shattered Taran’s formation.

“The Demonic Compass!” “It’s the former weapon of Mekaisto, the Extraterrestrial Demons ’ Second Commander!” Many powerhouses were startled to see the weapon James had summoned.

“Is it possible the Orstellen Sect’s Grand Priest is really James Caden? Didn’t James seize Mekaisto’s weapon during their battle?” After Taran’s formation was destroyed, the Demonic Compass spun in his direction.

Taran stood firmly in the void and summoned a few Curse Inscriptions.

A circle of light instantly surrounded his body, and the Demonic Compass was blocked.

Then, James appeared near him and summoned a long sword.

The sky was immediately filled with clones of James and countless Sword Shadows.

Several mysterious inscriptions also emerged.

A Sword World formed, instantly trapping Taran within it.

Immediately afterward, a Sacred Blossom materialized and split open, releasing a potent force into the Sword World.


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