The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5084

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5084-James cast a variety of Supernatural Powers consecutively.

Wynton exclaimed, “A Sword World?” “Blossoming?” Emperor Jabari frowned.

Taran was trapped within James’ Sword World, and an overwhelming wave of Sword Energies swept toward him.

At the same time, the power of Blossoming also permeated the air.

Despite the various attacks, Taran remained calm.

He gently flicked his finger, and an inscription exuding potent force materialized.

James’ Sword World collapsed instantly.

Taran stood composedly in the air, and confidence filled his face.

He said calmly, “Is that all you have? You’re a worthy opponent, but you aren’t strong enough for me to use my full strength.” James grinned at his remark.

He had only been testing the waters, trying to grasp Taran’s strength.

At that moment, James no longer held back.

His aura instantly rose to a higher level, and he mobilized the power of his cultivation base.

However, he was not done yet.

With a thought, he activated the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra.

The Ten Path Technique’s powers merged, and his aura instantly skyrocketed.

James’ aura was more potent than King Marciais when he fought with Taran.

Taran could not help but frown after sensing James’ aura.

With the combination of the Martial Path’s greatest state and the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra, James was much stronger than when King Marciais had activated the Marciais Path’s Fifteenth Rank.

Taran put away the distractive thoughts and mobilized his Curse Magic, which significantly boosted his aura.

“Here it comes!” “Taran is going all out!” “It’s the state he had entered while facing King Marciais’ Marciais Path’s Fifteenth Rank.

It’s a pity they ended the fight.” “Their battle didn’t have an outcome.” “There should be a winner in this battle, right?” Everyone spectating from the city walls began looking forward to the battle’s outcome.

Whoever won would become the strongest of the Endlos.

“Could that person really be James Caden?” “Rumors are that the Orstellen Sect’s Grand Priest was impersonating James.

He can copy James’ soul aura, but can he learn all the Supernatural Powers that James had cultivated?” “Yeah.

Since Emperor Raiah’s era, James has been the only person to have perfected the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra.” Everyone on the city wall began to discuss.

On the battlefield, James stretched his body.

It had been an entrapoch since he last fought.

Back then, his cultivation rank was only at the Chaos Rank.

Now, his cultivation rank had entered the Chaos Essencia Rank.

Meanwhile, his Marciais Path had reached the Fourteenth Rank.

The power in his body was so majestic that he could not adapt to it immediately.

He seemed a little bit unable to control his power.

Now, he needed a battle to consolidate his strength.

Suddenly, he disappeared.

The next moment, he appeared before Taran and attacked with the Demonic Compass.

With James’ current cultivation rank, he could completely control the Demonic Compass and unleash its full potential.

The huge Demonic Compass crushed down at Taran.

Taran cast a glance at the Demonic Compass, and he released his Curse Power.

The Curse Power affected the void, and the Demonic Compass was suspended in the air.

The next moment, the Demonic Compass tilted away.



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