The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5085

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5085-The Demonic Compass was knocked into the distance, destroying a large area.

Taran took the initiative to attack.

Curse Inscriptions surrounded James’ body.

They began to transform, and a strange power emerged.

James was instantly enveloped by Curse Power and unable to move an inch.

An injury had also unknowingly formed on his body.

“His Curse Power is terrifying,” James exclaimed in shock.

James summoned the Chaos Sword, poured all his powers into it, and slashed out, unleashing several Sword Energies.

The Sword Energies slashed at the inscriptions.

However, they failed to destroy the Curse Inscription.

Even though he had mastered the Martial Path and cultivated the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra, he could not neutralize the Curse Inscriptions.

The Cuse Power infected James, and his internals began to suffer damage.

At the same time, his life force began to drain away.

His deep black hair became ash gray.

His face sagged, and countless wrinkles appeared on his face.

He was no longer a young man but an elderly one.

His strength was also slowly seeping away.

Boom!!! The void around James’ body exploded continuously.

The scene made the powerhouses in the distance tremble in fear.

“Ts that the pinnacle of Curse Magic?” “Tt can drain away one’s live force without any warning.

How terrifying.” The powerhouses gasped at the sight.

Meanwhile, James was still being engulfed by the Curse Power.

At that moment, James smiled triumphantly.

He forcibly absorbed the Curse Power, then unleashed a Curse Inscription similar to the one Taran had summoned.

The identical inscriptions clashed with each other.

Boom!!! Another explosion happened in the void.

Taran suffered a backlash and stumbled a few steps backward.

“You?” Taran glared at James.

James laughed and said, “I already told you that I’ve also cultivated Curse Magic.

When I watched your fight against King Marciais, I learned some things from you.” Taran could not help but praise him, “Impressive.

You’re really talented.

You are already so profound in Curse Magic.

However, you’re only one-tenth of my strength.” James’ understanding of Curse Magic was nothing compared to Taran’s.

However, his achievements were still remarkable.

He had only cultivated Curse Magic for a very short time, yet he could reach one-tenth of Taran.

Taran was surprised that James could absorb and neutralize his Curse Power.

He admitted that James was incredibly talented.

However, James was still at a lower cultivation rank.

The disparity in strength was still huge.

Even though James had many Supernatural Powers, Taran was confident in his own strength and felt he would definitely win.

Despite that, he remained vigilant.

He attached a few inscriptions to his body, and they transformed into black armor.

In his black armor, he looked mighty and domineering.

James also summoned the 108 Infinity Steles in front of him.

The Infinity Stele came together to form the Boundless Pagoda.


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